King Koil Xl Extended Life Mattress And Boxspring

King Koil XL Extended Life Mattress and Boxspring

April 21, 2011
In the Bedroom

Extended Life Mattress for XL People?

ExKing Koil XL Extended Life Mattress and Box Spring XL Extended Life Mattress Collection

It seems with buying a new mattress and all that comes with it, just throwing out the old mattress and replacing it with a new one would solve the issues of sagging and bad body impressions. This is absolutely not true if you are buying one of today’s mattress and box spring sets. These problems include people of average size, a little overweight, or the obese.  There is simply no out running the number of concerns and issues associated with how the typical mattress set is built.

“There isn’t a mattress made for a heavy person”

Not true, a highly developed line of Extended Life Mattresses engineered to meet the needs of everyone including the plus-size sleepers is now available. The XL line or extended Life Mattress Collection from Comfort Solutions parent company of King Koil is constructed for bigger people and people of all sizes and body shapes as an alternative to the cloned mattress designs in order to give all sleepers the Extra stability…Increased support…Increased durability they’ve come to expect when spending their hard earned money on a new sleep system.

Are you a mattress buyer that falls into one of the 6 D’s of mattress ownership?

1. Dissatisfied

2. Disillusioned

3. Disappointed

4. Displeased

5. Disgruntled

6. Discontented

It seems the bigger plus-size sleepers have become disenchanted and very dissatisfied with how their mattresses perform. The common complaint is that they find that their mattress is unsupportive and uncomfortable not to mention their tendency to wear out quicker. King Koil wanted to design a better bed.

We looked into what makes King Koil King Koil Extended Life Mattress different from other beds?

  • Quilting: Uses superior high density foam
  • Visco Supreme Plus: This superior foam will last for years not months
  • Extended Life Foam: Its High Resiliency not high density for a superior mattress life
  • Extended Life Performance System: Stronger to last longer is the reason this specially designed innerspring system will give long lasting performance for any size person
  • Excellent Edge: For increased seating and sleeping surface while providing greater stability
  • Extended Life Foundation: Mastered design and three times the wood beams equals what? Super stability, even support, and guaranteed stable performance.
  • Tailor Made Hand Tufting: Secures upholstery layers to reduce shifting, buckling and body impressions


While not all these features are available on every model the XL Collection virtually eliminates the common problems of the ordinary mattress and boxspring by paying special attention to a bed’s engineering in order to provide enhanced support, a comfortable feel, and improved overall mattress durability.  The King Koil XL Extended Life Mattress and Boxspring could just be the answer to getting more life out of a mattress set…

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