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Is Two Always Better Than One?

May 9, 2019
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Benefits Of 2 Sided Mattresses

The manner in which mattresses are manufactured determines if the mattress is one-sided or two-sided. One-sided is made so that you don’t ever flip it over and two-sided means you can flip it over.

Is Two Always Better Than One?

Years ago, the only type of mattress in existence was two-sided mattresses. They were made to flip them over and turn end to end to promote even wear. In the year 2000, Simmons introduced a one-sided mattress so that consumers didn’t need to flip them. Many other mattress makers followed suit and it’s hard to find two-sided mattresses today.

To Flip Or Not To Flip?

So, did mattress manufacturers make non-flip one-sided mattresses for the good of the economy and to benefit the consumers? On the other hand, was there something else in mind? By cutting off one side of the mattress, the mattress manufacturers save about 20 percent to 30 percent of the cost to make non-flip mattresses. You may think that these savings were passed down to the consumer when in reality they were not. The prices stayed the same across the market.

What’s Inside The Mattresses?

A one-sided mattress is built from the ground up. It has a base layer with foam and then coil springs but not always. On top of that additional types of comfort materials mainly foam and fiber are stacked one on top of the other. A double-sided mattress has a supportive coil system in the center and it includes various layers of foam and fiber to make up the comfort levels. This is done on both the bottom and the top of the steel coils. It does cost a bit more to make a two-sided mattress but what many people don’t realize is that this price is rarely passed on to consumers to stay competitive with their one-sided counterparts.

Long-Lasting When You Flip It

With a two-sided mattress, you can flip it over and turn it end over end to minimize sagging and hole development.  Consumers love the bang for the buck because they get more even wear and tear on both the top and bottom sides of the mattress. The supportive metal inside is very long-lasting, so in theory and proper care, a two-sided mattress lasts twice as long. It’s basically the same type of maintenance of rearranging your household furniture to avoid wear patterns on your carpet or rotating your tires so they wear evenly and last longer.

This is even true with the heavy-duty two-sided mattresses that are made for larger or heavier people and even larger couples sleeping together on a two-sided mattress. The back-in-the-day materials of many mattress brands still remain about the same today. You can tell that the two-sided mattress is filled with good support because it actually is heavier than the newer one-sided mattresses.

The comfort layers in one-sided beds are often light in weight and not nearly as dense, an important factor in determining the quality of today’s mattresses. Additionally, one-sided mattresses have all the comfort materials on one side. More coils are often bragged about but in fact, the majority of these beds have significantly less total steel inside for support, just one more factor that contributes to the one-sided issues and makes them break down quicker.

Let Thy Upholstery Rest

A one-sided mattress never allows the upholstery on the top to take a rest from being laid on, so it tends to leave body impressions quickly and wear unevenly. A common example of this uneven wear rears its ugly head when it is used by couples. It can start compressing and breaking down in affect trapping each sleep where they most commonly lay, similar to a bird’s nest. Between the two sleeper a ridge or high spot develops making the the bed even more uncomfortable.

A two-sided mattress allows you to flip and turn it so half of the mattress that is on the bottom gets to take a rest while you sleep on the top. This allows the upholstery time to recover and spring back until you flip it again. The newer versions of the two-sided do weigh a bit more than new no flip designs but in the end, consumers really get what they paid for, long-lasting, comfortable support just like the bed from so many years ago.

Earth Friendly And Green

It is pretty much common knowledge that today’s one-sided mattresses don’t last as long as their flippable counterparts. A longer-lasting mattress means green because precious resources used to build a mattress are not needed as quickly due to extended life. Prolonged mattress life means valuable landfill space is taken up by mattresses that don’t last.

What Kind Of Two-Sided Mattresses Is Available Today?

It can be quite a search to find two-sided mattresses today, but when you find a bed shop that carries them, you will be amazed at all the different ones to choose from in a flippable mattress.

Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress is perfect for those who like a firm sleeping surface. The heavy-duty inner coil springs, insulators, and high-density foam enable an old-school firm mattress on both sides. If you prefer a medium firmness, you can choose a Prairie Dunes Plush two-sided mattress. It has the same great support system in it with extra plush heavy density foam on both sides.

The Monterrey Gentle Firm mattress has a great inner strength combined with modern gel foam and comfort foam for a firm but gentle feeling all throughout the night. It includes an insulator pad, support foam, and 5-zone firm foam in the upholstery on both sides for long-lasting comfort. Monterrey also has a pillow top double-sided mattress for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Kennewick Plush features a firm inner coil spring with a lovely, full 12 inches of soft plushness on both sides for shoppers on a budget.

There are still several two-sided mattresses on the market if you know where to find them. When you do, it’s like a gold mine when trying out all the old school support in conjunction with the new and best cushioning materials available. Visit the STL Beds Gold Mine of Two-Sided Mattresses by Clicking Here.

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