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Is There a Difference Between Mattresses For a Soft Side Water Bed and a Hardside Water Bed?

Will a mattress (bladder) from a hardside waterbed fit in to a softside waterbed cavity? Are the widths, lengths, and depths the same for both a hardside mattress and softside bladders? These are questions you better be asking if you are considering taking the baffled mattress out of you wood framed waterbed and putting it in to a soft side. Why you ask, because they are not the same size. As a matter of fact the dimensions are not even close.

So what can you do if you already bought a baffled mattress for your hardside waterbed and you’re considering purchasing a new modern softside? Not much, however if you doubt this answer, there is a way you can confirm that it is or is not possible.

Determine if the cavity of the water bed has straight up and down insides or if they slope like a hillside.

Straight inside cavity walls you will need to measure 3 things: the width, the depth, and the length. If it measures the same as the inside dimensions of your wood framed hardside waterbed you are in luck, but don’t hold your breath, I have not seen one do it yet.

If the softside you are considering buying has sloped inside cavity walls, you are out of luck for sure. Wood framed waterbeds use a straight up and down vertical wall that have totally different measurements. You will need to take notice of the measurements of the softside foam rail cavity, this is because the sloped inside foam rails for the top width and bottom width are different from one another. Also you will notice that the foam rails for the head and foot ends of the bed will create the very same problem.

Frames Or Boxsprings?

You really only have two options at this point, you can sell your wood framed waterbed on something like Craig’s List or You could also keep the bed for daily use or move it to the spare bedroom for guests.

If you choose to no longer keep your wood framed waterbed because your old baffled mattress won’t fit the softside, you wouldn’t be the first to do so and you won’t be the last. There are many many reasons why so many people are choosing to go back to a waterbed or to continue sleeping on their existing waterbed and a softside water bed is the primary reason. Check out our blog on the top 20 Reasons softside waterbeds are coming back or contact us with questions at 636-296-8540