Installing A Sterling Hardside Cover Encasement On A Waterbed

Installing a Sterling Hardside Cover Encasement on a Waterbed

April 19, 2012
How To

A hardside waterbed is still one of the best bed and mattress values to be had on the bedding market today.  With the addition of accessories like hardside zippered covers from Sterling Sleep Systems your water bed can now be an even better experience because of added protection, better efficiancy, and an enhanced feel you can enjoy for years to come. Below we have included installation instructions to accomadate the following Sterling Zippered Protective Encasements:

Geneva Pillow Top Hardside Cover, Geneva Plush Top Hardside Cover, and the special factory select encasement models offered by Sterling Sleep Systems.

Installing a Sterling Hardside Cover Encasement on a Waterbed

Installing a Sterling Hardside Cover Encasement on a Waterbed:

  1. Assemble pedestal, deck boards and bed frame. Do not fill bed with water until instructed to do so.
  2. Unzip the quilted top portion of the cover from the bottom section. Set the quilted top aside and out of the way.
  3. Position the bottom section of the Sterling Hardside Cover Encasement  into the wood frame, with zipper slider or talon in the center of the headboard end of the bed.
  4. Place the waterbed heater on top of the cover. Do not place over deck board separations as this will cause damage to the bed and mattress system.
  5. Run heater cord through hole in filler cloth and corner of deck board. Do not plug heater into a power source until mattress is completely filled.
  6. Place stand-up safety liner inside of the cover on top of the heater making sure to eliminate wrinkles especially in the area where the heater is located. Stand up the sides to form the cavity.
  7. Reminder: Smooth out wrinkles, especially over the heater. Align the corners of the encasement cover, liner, and bed cavity corner to assure good positioning.
  8. Position water mattress with fill valve at the foot of the bed inside the liner cavity.
  9. Make certain bed is in desired location and fill the water mattress according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the bed has been filled, it cannot be moved.
  10. Position quilted top with zipper tab to the right.
  11. Thread the tab and slider and zip closed after adding waterbed conditioner and burping the watermattress.

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