Fabric Encases Coil Springs

Independent Pocketed Coils

December 27, 2010
In the Bedroom

Coil springs made in various configurations can do many things for our bodies. However listen to the ads and sales peoples hype about beds and the manufactures that make them and it sounds like you will be whisked away to dreamland by miracle back saving coil designs. Some even make the claim to save backs in their name. Today we’ll look at one of our favorite designs the Independent Pocketed Coils. Simmons Pocketed Coil® is the original and most famously recognizable name and others brands have copied their design and attempted to knock it off surprisingly many companies have done a pretty good job doing it.

A Look at Pocketed Coils

Simmons uses high carbon steel springs that have been pre-compressed and placed into tough, non-allergenic fabric wrapped encasements. Other companies do not compress their coils springs and as an alternative they temper the coil springs so that they have a memory. This design often utilizes less steel overall, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact today coils are so strong that most every coil design built today will offer 10 years of useful life. Where newer mattresses fail is in which tends to fail much faster.

Motion Separation of Independent Pocketed Coils

Independently Pocketed Coils or Wrapped Pocked Coil Springs really deliver motion separation. Today’s cars utilize independent suspension, which allows each tire to independently respond to the roads surface. Independently Wrapped and Pocketed Coils work in the very same way. Each coil sometimes numbered in the hundreds and at times even over a thousand can respond to each specific body part for perfect support for every unique body shape for what we believe is best contouring coil design to be had.

Conformability of Independent Pocketed Coils

I have said before and I’ll say it again, mattresses don’t fix backs doctors do sometimes, but good support and conformability is key. A greater number of coils springs in a mattress does not always mean a better end product and it nearly always costs more. This higher number of coils can translate to better overall support for the body. A down side is that it usually means a thinner lower gauge wire is employed to make the coil. Interestingly the springs bounce with you and respond immediately. They envelop you with unique support not found in competing coil designs. To assure an undisturbed night of sleep STL Beds recommends that you consider some type of a independent pocketed coils design, it is highly unlikely you will find such motion separation it in a wire-tied spring system where coils are tied to one another.