My Box Spring Made My Bed Too Hard!

The Importance of Having Box Springs

August 7, 2014
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“I don’t need a new boxspring – mine is still in good shape”

Consumers pay quite a price these days for a new mattress, many opting to skip the purchase of the box spring mattress to save money. Box spring mattresses don’t wear out as quickly as mattresses, right? Why would they when the box spring doesn’t come in direct contact with the sleeper? Despite this misconception, box springs still experience wear and tear with age from the same movements of nightly bed activities also experienced by the top mattress. This is why it’s important to replace the box spring when you replace your mattress.

Reasons Boxsprings and Foundations Should be Replaced

One reason why it’s important to buy a mattress with a boxspring is that the foundation or box spring is designed and intended to be used with a mattress or series of mattresses and are constructed as a set. These sets come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Contrary to what many consumers may believe, manufacturers are the ones who warranty bed sets, not the retailer. If the mattress and/or box spring has a construction or materials defect, it’s the manufacturer who replaces it. When a mattress is purchased and used without its intended box spring, the manufacturer warranty is void. Many retailers offer comfort guarantees, do not confuse this with a warranty.  Many retailer comfort promises offer consumers the opportunity to sleep on a mattress for sometimes up to 90 days or more with the option of exchanging in most cases and returning the mattress in others if it’s not comfortable (see store limits and conditions). These guarantees have nothing to do with the warranty’s offered by the manufacturer.

BoxspringSomething many people do not realize is that most box springs don’t have a single spring inside of them and don’t offer a bit of flexibility. The flexibility once found in older boxsprings were said to extend mattress life by absorbing energy like a shock absorber on your family car. While they may have extended a mattress life they often caused a lack of support by allowing the mattress to give when it shouldn’t. Not only that, but motion was transferred from one person to the other when partners turned over and repositioned – sometimes causing disturbance in sleep. Most boxsprings and foundations today have no give and are quite rigid (solving the previously mentioned issues).

Newer mattresses like latex, memory foam and innerspring beds contain comfort layers made of memory foam. Today’s box springs are designed with solid steel rods that don’t give and construction structures that make them strong enough to support the newer mattresses that require solid supporting surfaces. Additionally, some manufacturers produce box springs that are specifically designed for certain mattresses that even help to promote better airflow throughout the mattress.

Fire Tested, Mother Approved!

Another reason why box springs and mattresses should be purchased together as a set is for fire protection. Within the last decade, government regulations regarding the level of fire protection for bed sets has been raised to increase the amount of time a sleeper has to escape a fire if  a mattress were involved. How this is achieved varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Manufacturers use fabrics, fibers, and fire barriers to achieve this level of protection. Added chemicals are also common ways to retard flames and raise a mattresses ignition temperature rather than to all out burn.  With a matching mattress and box springs set, you’ll ensure that both are protected the same way, better protecting you from fire danger.

When you buy a mattress and box springs as a set you get the most from manufacturer warranties – taking advantage of fire and safety standards that ensure adequate stability and support for your mattress so it will last for years to come.