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How To Decide What Kind Of Bed Frame Is Needed

Here is how to determine what type of steel bed frame you need.

If you are not sure what kind of frame you need to support your mattress and boxspring this blog will answer that question. There are hundreds of different steel bed frames to choose from. Some bolt up, while some hook in using down hooks. There are models that have attachments that connect to a headboard, headboard and footboard, or neither if you so choose. There are even numerous center supports designed to replace old time wooden slats. So lets find out How To Decide What Kind Of Bed Frame Is Needed to complete your bed.

Start Here:
To determine what type or kind of bed frame you will need to purchase, simply browse the various bed configurations below that best matches what you have or plan to purchase.

2 Quick Definitions

· Wood headboard – any headboard /footboard made from wood. Examples: Oak, pine, cedar, spruce, cherry, etc.
· Metal headboard– All headboards/footboard constructed from these. Examples: Iron, brass, antique brass, metal, wrought iron, etc.
Wood Headboard only
These frames can either come as a bolt up or with down hooks

Metal Headboard only
These bed frames are normally only available as a bolt up style frame.

Wood headboard and footboard no wood side rails
This style bed uses a frame that traditionally has steel rails running head to foot. Down hooks attach the frame to the bed. King and queen models need center a support bar with support feet. These models typically do not bolt up because the bolt head are visible at the footboard end and are not aesthetically pleasing.

Metal headboard and footboard
A brass, metal, or iron bed is usually generically considered a metal bed. Metal beds nearly always bolt up at both the headboard and footboard ends using matching nuts, bolts, and lock washers. They are connected to long steel side frames that are made from angle iron or steel. King and queen models must have proper center supports and will prevent possible damage to your mattress set and bed.
Wood headboard and Footboard with wood side rails.

In the old days many companies and people simple cut wood slats to support the center spanning width. Often times the wood side rails, headboard, or footboard would split where they hooked in. Today we use multiple steel slats that screw in place of wooden slats and have adjustable feet that can bear some of the load increasing the life of your headboard, footboard, or wooden rails.

Still not sure what kind of bed frame you need? Let us help you find a frame that will fit your needs. Contact STLBeds at 636-296-8540

You can also visit our steel bed frames page to browse some of our various models.

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