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How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Water Bed?

February 5, 2009
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To set up a water bed yourself or have it put together professionally is a dilemma for many potential waterbed consumers because it takes time and many are inexperienced.

Since many of you have never assembled a waterbed yourself, we thought that you might want to weigh waterbed assembly options for your self to decide if it is worth the time, money savings, and risk to do it yourself.

Professional waterbed set up
We recommend having a professional install your waterbed especially if you have a hardside waterbed. It typically takes a professional waterbed installer only 30 minutes to install a softside and while 60 minutes is the norm for putting  together a wood framed waterbed. Set up includes the unboxing, the carry in, and the complete assembly less the fill time. Having a professional set up and install your waterbed cannot only save you time, but they can also eliminate problems and failures often associated with improper installation by do it yourselfers. Problems associated with putting a waterbed together wrong could lead to a voided manufacturers’ warranty, or even worse failure, maybe even an all out collapse of the waterbed.


Installing a waterbed yourself
Many people, who like to do things for themselves and save money, opt to put their new water bed together. Minimum time for the do it yourself waterbed set up is 60 minutes for a softside and 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours to set up a wooden framed waterbed. This time is from the carry in, to the start of the filling process.  The new modern softside waterbeds are not so time consuming or difficult to install for the first timer. The 1970’s styled hardside waterbeds are often more frustrating for the not so mechanically inclined.

If you have doubts about your construction abilities, have a professional do the initial setup, for no other reason to secure warranty and waterbed integrity. Watching someone who installs these daily may give the untrained waterbed setter upper some clues or the entire picture for a better understanding of what really needed to be done for a proper waterbed setup.
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