How Do You Know If You Need “up” Or “down” Hook Modi-plates?

How do you know if you need “UP” or “Down” hook Modi-Plates?

February 17, 2014
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Which modi-plate should I use up or down?

Special modification plates called down hooks or up hooks is the best way for a person to use their current stand-alone metal bed frame with bolt on attachment plates to a headboard that is only fitted with hook in connection slots. The question we are most asked is “which type should I use with my particular application and will they work?” This article will feature the differences between the 2 products down hooks and a Fasten Up Bed kit and the methods of how installing them works.

When to use down hooks

This special modification can save you a lot of money since it eliminates the need to purchase a new headboard while allowing you to use your current frame. Down Hooks are also a great solution if the headboard is weakening with age and you want to reduce the amount of weight it used to support from the mattress, box spring, and an adult couple. These adaptation plates allow the headboard to be attached to the frame, bare a portion of the weight, while still looking decorative.

How down hook adaptation plates work

The headboard will need to have rail slot attachments in each leg. The frame would need to be a standalone frame with bolt up mounting plates. It does not matter if the frame has feet or wheels. However the frame and headboard must be the same sizes:


  • Twin with a twin
  • Full with a full
  • Queen with a queen

These connectors are normally not recommended for king however if you have a lightweight headboard you may be able to get away with it.

Assembly procedures for down hooks

Connect the mounting brackets to the frame with the two down hooks pointing down. This way when it comes time hooks are able to fit over the two steel pins while still holding up to the steel bed frame. Be sure that the bed frame is set up to the proper size and headboard width. Next bolt the down hook plates to the metal bed frame, but do not tighten them at this point. Next slide the down hooks firmly into the real slots of the headboard and then firmly tighten the bolts on the bed frame. There are our wood screws provided that can help secure the brackets to the wooden legs if needed.

When to use a Fasten Up Bed kit that up hooks

Down hooks are usually STL Bed’s first choice for these kinds of conversion frame/plate modifications however sometimes it is necessary to use up hooks. Remember any beds with rail slots typically once carried the majority of the original bed weight. The problem that arises for most of our customers is the bed is too old and weak to hold that kind of weight anymore. They wish is to continue displaying the old headboard but do not want it hold the bed weight anymore. Up hooks or Fasten Up Bed kits solve this problem by hooking into the rail slots and underneath of the pins inside the bed legs lifting the piece of furniture slightly off the floor. This is a decent solution as long as the headboard is not heavy or tall otherwise it can shake horribly or worse yet not support the weight of the headboard.

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