Hardside Waterbed Mattress Vs. Softside Waterbed Mattress

Hardside Waterbed Mattress Vs. Softside Waterbed Mattress

September 20, 2022
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Comparison Of Waterbed Mattresses

Whether you are looking for a new waterbed mattress or need to replace your old one, it helps to know all of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types.

Hardside waterbeds and softside waterbeds are quite different in their construction, materials used and needed and the types of bedding that accommodate each one. Look at the facts and make an informed decision as to which is the best for your situation.

Hardside Waterbed Construction

The traditional hard side waterbed has a special frame made of solid wood that is heavy-duty to last many years to come. You can get matching pedestal storage drawers under the bed or a headboard that may include storage, a bookcase, and even lights for nighttime reading. Quality waterbed frames and headboards can be made to order with the additional items you want to be incorporated into the design to make it functional and original to suit your taste.

The hardside waterbed mattresses are available in several styles from which to choose. If you like the old-school mattresses that make you feel like you are floating on water, and then a free-flow mattress is ideal for you. It has one large bladder and it also has the full motion of a traditional hardside waterbed mattress. You can also choose an ultra waveless model, which has very little motion.

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If you love the feel of a traditional mattress and box springs you may opt for the luxury support mattress that gives you all the support you need with reduce motion in a variety of degrees from one to eight seconds after you or your partner moves in the bed. This will give you both plush comfort and better support than a free-flow mattress. Hardside waterbed mattresses are specifically designed to fit into the waterbed frame and are about the same level as the sides of the frame. You can also add padded rails to go on the sides of the frame so it is easier to get in and out of the bed without coming into contact with hardwood.

Softside Waterbed Construction

Softside waterbeds use a waterbed frame, which is sized like a traditional mattress size. You should choose a frame that is made for a softside waterbed in a heavy-duty luxury support foundation or a steel super duty waterbed frame for a twin or full size or a steel super duty heavyweight waterbed frame for a queen or king size. This makes certain that the mattress will be supported correctly due to its heavier weight than a traditional mattress. It wouldn’t work well to use a standard bed frame and have it bend or break right away, leaving you in a mess.

Softside waterbed mattresses are constructed much differently than a hardside version. Luxury mattresses have a wonderfully soft and comfy feel to them and include a premium cover that can easily be removed to clean it. When you zip the cover shut the bed feels like a free flow mattress with all the movement you desire. If you like less movement, you can use a baffling waveless mattress instead.

The baffles are individual tubes that fill with water rather than one large bladder that is full of water. The Euro Top design is super soft and comfortable and it resists body impressions for long life. Look for a softside waterbed mattress that includes extra comfort layers to eliminate pressure points and contour your body from head to toe. You can also choose a split softside waterbed mattress that will have temperature adjustments with two separate heaters in it to make certain each person controls their own personal space. This also makes moving a softside waterbed mattress easier as two pieces are lighter than one.

Benefits Of A Hardside Waterbed Mattress

Benefits Of A Hardside Waterbed Mattress

Hardside waterbed mattresses allow you to sleep closer to the water with only a layer of vinyl between you and the water to give you the freeing feeling of being on open water. Some consumers report that they experience more of the health benefits and restorative feelings when sleeping on a hardside waterbed mattress.

You will most likely need to purchase a waterbed heater to go with a hardside mattress, as the water inside the bladder or baffles needs to be at a level of warmth to reap the benefits of this type of mattress. The heater can help you to be therapeutic in relief of back and leg muscle pains and can also help you to fall asleep quickly in the winter. These types of mattresses carry warranties from 2 to 5 years.

Benefits Of A Softside Waterbed Mattress

Softside waterbed mattresses look just like a traditional mattress but they still offer much of the same feel as a hardside waterbed mattress does. The softside versions include additional layers of padding and quilting between you and the water in the mattress to dampen and isolate the water feel somewhat. Many consumers report liking this type of waterbed mattress better because of the added support system in the mattress.

You will find it much easier to get on and off the softside waterbed mattress as it is not tucked inside of the frame as a hardside waterbed mattress. You can also use conventional sheets and bedding and not have the worry of using waterbed sheets, comforters, pads, or other items that can be more expensive. The extra padding in a softside waterbed mattress holds the temperature in the mattress at a constant temperature as the extra comfort layers cuddle you in comfort at night. The best softside waterbed mattresses are built to last a long time and come with a 25-year warranty.

When it comes down to it, both types of waterbeds are great for anyone, but consumers may like one or the other better for their own specific sleeping comfort. Most probably the first step in making a decision between the two is to decide what level of motion you are comfortable with and feels best to you. If you don’t like having to buy a new mattress very often, then the softside waterbed mattress is most likely your best bet for a long-lasting product.

Hardside Waterbed Mattress Vs. Softside Waterbed Mattress FAQs

  • What Is A Hard Side Waterbed Mattress? – A wood frame waterbed mattress is a water mattress that is used with a wood frame also called a “Hard Side” waterbed or flotation mattress. The Waterbed Doctor offers one of the widest selections of Wood Frame waterbed brands available Online including our own Waterbed Doctor brand.
  • What Type Of Waterbed Is The Best?
    • Editor’s Pick – Boyd’s Waveless Waterbed Mattress.
    • Best Value – Classic Mattress Semi-Waveless Waterbed.
    • Best Softside Waterbed – Classic Mattress Pillow-top Softside Waterbed.
    • Best Hardside Waterbed for Motion Isolation – INNOMAX Genesis 800 Waveless Waterbed.
  • What Is A Softside Waterbed Mattress? – A softside waterbed is a waterbed that looks just like a regular mattress. You get the benefits of being able to use regular sheets and you can use it with any headboard/footboard furniture.
  • Can You Put A Waterbed Mattress On A Regular Frame? – Yes you can. Softside waterbed mattresses are made to fit in regular bed framesCan I use the same sheets and bedding as I have currently? Yes, in fact, the same bedding, linen, and sheets that you use with your regular mattress will fit your new waterbed, no matter the size.
  • What Is A Waveless Waterbed Mattress?Waveless waterbeds like the Boyd Dual Sea Cove Waveless Hardside Waterbed contain about 4 layers of wave reducing fiber material which provides about 90% reduction of the motion of the water while still allowing for a degree of flow for better adjustability This particular waterbed also includes ergonomic lumbar support.

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