Hard Side Waterbed Mattress Alternatives

Hard Side Waterbed Mattress Alternatives

May 24, 2011
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If you like the old fashioned waterbed and you’re afraid to leave it for fear that you may never get comfortable again, you are not alone. One of the most comfy beds I ever owned was my hardside wood framed water bed. Sure there are the naysayers who say out of style and that they are bad for your back but the truth is many people who leave their water bed never seem to find such cradling comfort or support again. So the question is what is a good alternative bed that can match the feel of those old 1970’s hard side waterbed classic? Lets talk about the various Hard Side Waterbed Mattress Alternatives.

Substitutes / Replacements for hard side waterbeds:

Soft side or Soft Sided Waterbeds

Soft sides have the look of a regular mattress and boxspring, used regular sheets and bedding and can adapt to nearly any headboard or headboard footboard combination offered today. Softside waterbeds  are easy to get in and out of not to mention when it comes time to break it down and move it, let’s just say a softside is a dream.  Mattress or bladder choices for these beds often range from free flowing to no movement at all and can include total head to toe body support.

Hard Side Waterbed Mattress Alternatives Softsided Waterbed Alternative. Click the Photo and View

Waterbed Inserts

Waterbed Inserts are special fitting soft mattresses that give overall body support – and you can keep your hard wood frame, headboard, and waterbed sheets that you already have.  The only thing left is to choose a mattress. Custom designed to fit within the wood waterbed frame, the waterbed mattress insert can be made just like a regular mattress, using memory foam, or even latex rubber. The key is to make sure that the sizing is slightly smaller than the frame itself leaving just enough room to make it in the morning before leaving for work. One last note people having slept on water for years usually prefer softer more luxurious mattress tops and firmer core support, so be sure to test rest your insert for the optimal body fit.

Hard Side Waterbed Mattress Alternatives Check out this Waterbed Mattress Alternative. Simply Click The Photo

Mattress Sets

Whatever kind  of mattress you choose brand name or not be sure to select one that offers firm support and has a soft cushioned top that mimics waterbed feel. The biggest complaint of former waterbed owners is that their new mattress is too firm. The other objection is that they would rather not have to buy a new headboard for the set. This is easily done by simply purchasing headboard legs or making them out of the old waterbed frame. Nearly all the mentioned mattresses below can then be positioned in front of it like any other book cased headboard.

Mattress and box spring

Pillow top versions work nicely and can sometimes cost less than the next recommendation. Our waterbed alternative of choice is a mattress with two sides that can be flipped over, because they last slightly longer. Adding a Mattress Topper can simulate the feel of a waterbed and it’s more like the feel the waterbed owner seems to long for. Look for latex rubber toppers or memory foam toppers with lower ILD’s which are softer. ILD correlates to the firmness or softness of a piece of foam or rubber.

Memory Foam


Latex foam rubber mattresses

All 3 of the previously mentioned are good choices that can simulate waterbed feel. Above in the Mattress and Boxspring nearly all the same applies to memory foam, air, and latex although two sided is not applicable to these in most cases. Questions give us a call 1-888-785-2337 or Contact Us.