The Green Boxspring / Foundation

The Green Boxspring / Foundation

September 11, 2014
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The green foundation / boxspring lasts a lifetime?

The ultimate green and clean sustainable “boxspring”, by Forever Foundations, the company believes that building the ultimate support platform for a mattress should be the goal. They set out to offer their customer’s mattresses the very best support possible for the lifetime of ownership. As many know in the industry a superior bed base is really the key to great comfort and overall body support, yet this key component is perhaps the most undervalued by consumers and under built by manufacturers. 

With a focus of superior quality, unimagined versatility and the absolute best mattress support that is available Forever Foundation builders has differentiated themselves from their competitors run of the mill boxes and boxsprings. Think it sounds too good to be true?  Is this really different? And is it one of the smartest and greenest choices on the planet?

How many boxsprings have you bought in your lifetime?

Think about the number of boxsprings or foundations that you have owned over your lifetime. The cost adds up and adds up quickly. Most people have invested in the high hundreds if not thousands on their foundations or boxsprings. What is so sad is that these systems are considered to be the footing and supportive base for costly and complicated mattresses, yet most of these really don’t amount to much of any substance construction or support. Consider this, which is stronger, wood or steel?  Which is stronger, wire or steel?  Which are stronger, nails or bolts?  Which flexes more, wood or steel?

The answers: Without question, steel is stronger than wood or wire.  And wood and wire is what the old fashion foundations and box springs are made of.  Basically what is known as a traditional Old fashioned foundation is simply a wooden pallet with cardboard attached. For the most part most are known to crack or break, squeak throughout the night and worse yet offer little in the way of support for the array of today’s complex mattresses like memory foam, latex etc.

What is so different about the Forever Foundation?

The Forever Foundation is made almost entirely of steel making it possibly the most sustainable bed base built today and its entire make up is of 100 percent recyclables. It is perhaps the GREENEST we’ve found, and is exempt from all current states recycling laws or costly and awkward disposal. The beauty is that at the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled again to be made into another useful product.  Result? No landfill footprint!

Cleaner and healthier sleep environment.

The system is heavy duty while still being easy to move, clean in and around. Perfect for those with mild or even sever health issues allergens can affect. While no one likes cleaning, the important thing to keep in mind is that this unique open steel framed design can be simply wiped clean and will not trap dust, dirt and allergens inside of it. This is because it is not upholstered shut or sealed like traditional box springs which is often hiding dust or dirt even that shouldn’t be overlooked. Floors and carpet under the frame can also be easily accessed to attack the stuff that affect our health helping to eliminate all that collection of whatever it is that finds a home under our beds.

Saves Money!

The best part it costs about the same as nearly all so called quality boxsprings and less than most organic foundations. The claim is that you won’t have to purchase another foundation on your next mattress or purchase, or the one after that!