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Furniture Stores and Online Customer Feedback

July 14, 2011
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It’s ashamed many furniture and mattress stores cringe at the thought of people and the things they might say about their business on places like Facebook and Twitter, it really is a very interesting topic in this day of Social Media and the new transparency it offers customers into businesses and industries. Think about it, unsolicited comments and reviews at Yahoo Local, Google Places, Yelp or any of the gazillion others public places make it nearly impossible for control freak companies to manipulate their public image. Interestingly many of these independent furniture and mattress websites showcase great reviews while uncontrolled social media venues and similar comment and review spots will often have contradictory comments.

Social Media Friend Or Foe?

While we believe that even negative reviews can help build a business’ customer loyalty if given the choice, I’d would prefer a laundry list of perfect high praise reviews about my business.

So what should the public policy for Online Customer Feedback be?

Stores’ goal should be to identify the root complaint or problem.
Realize people get upset when things break or don’t perform as promised. The goal should be to remedy the situation and get to the root of the problem or complaint.

Help Stores Understand Your Problem.

Retailers and e-tailers need to realize that negative feedback doesn’t have to come with a price, it can actually be a learning lesson for both customer and business.  Negative experience or helpful suggestions can in fact be a great opportunity for furniture and mattress stores to improve products or services.

Stores & Criticism

While these are not good excuses, we all have our bad days and the hope is employees, owners, and managers would never bring problems to work or have an earlier issue carry over, but the truth is sometimes they do. From time to time products fail and services fall short or Murphy and his law rear its ugly head. None of us want to be yelled at or put down and we all want to be recognized in a positive light when it is deserved. While feeling the need to attack or sharing justified anger, attacking reviews may be deserving not all are exactly constructive. Point out the genuine issue with service or products and share your constructive criticism so that it can be remedied and so no one else has to go through the same problem.

When & How To Respond To Comment

It is import to respond to Online Customer Feedback. It is imperative that if I have made a mistake then I need to fix the problem and apologize and make it up to the customer if possible.
While the customer is always right sometimes they get the facts wrong or criticize the company for a product or service that was never promised or perhaps they do not even offer.
Finally, I usually do not respond to a customer who’s truly angry, just ranting, or seems to be upset with life in general responding only seems to get out of hand and take on a life of its own.

Yell loud enough and someone will listen

While we would favor that all customer or product complaints and problems are introduced to us first, we realize the reality is that it is not always going to happen that way.  Most retailers would love the chance to resolve a trouble or remedy a problem and if given the chance by responding. It is then that most retailers will shine when you need them most and if they don’t then use the public forum where you don’t have to yell but people will listen.

Encourage Customers To Comment

While I don’t think only good reviews should be solicited, I do think customer feedback should be. Collectively comments and reviews will show insight into the business that one is considering doing business with. This new age transparency will help customers not only determine what businesses will be a friend in times of trouble but who is superficial, unfriendly, and a foe.