Various types of water mattresses. Waterbed with floral comforter.

Free Waterbed Pump???

Rent A Waterbed Pump For Free!

It’s all about “You” we know draining a waterbed can be difficult. We try to make life as easy as possible for waterbed owners in and around the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

There are 2 Pump Usage Options.

  1. If you own a waterbed that was purchased from STL Beds as a courtesy you can borrow one of our fast draining electric pumps to remove the water whenever you like, and as many times as you like. There is only one small catch, we do ask for a $75.00 deposit for the 24-hour loan. The $75.00 is then refunded immediately when you return the pump.
  2. Anyone can rent a waterbed pump for only $15.00 for 24 hours at a time.

A waterbed pump can turn a 3-hour chore into a 45-minute breeze. We offer every person that borrows the pump simple easy to understand instructions on how to use the pump most efficiently and how to vacuum pack a baffled mattress correctly. This is important if you have a fiber or some other type of baffling system, which can get ruined by mishandling.

Waterbed pump Do’s and Don’ts to worry about.

  • Always burp the air out of any mattress before attempting to drain.
  • The electric water pump will pump water but not air. It is important that you do not try to drain a partially drained waterbed because they will have a lot of air in them. Fill the bed back up to a point where you can purge or burp the air out and then proceed to drain. NOTE: the water pump has a rubber impeller that will be damaged after pumping air for approx. 20 seconds.
  • Make sure your garden hose is not kinked or obstructed in any way, such as water frozen in it.
  • Stay with the pump and monitor the draining process and then immediately unplug when pumping is complete.
  • Once completed unplug the pump and disconnected hose from the bed. Very quickly cap and plug the mattress, making sure not to allow any air to get into the mattress. This will maintain vacuum and keep your fiber / baffling from shifting.

Follow these few and simple guide lines and you will have a much more pleasant draining experience. Know a better way to drain a waterbed. Leave a comment below.