Fitted Mattress Pad For Waterbeds

Fitted Mattress Pad for Waterbeds

Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad for great protection for  waterbeds

Every wood frame waterbed has a whole host of bedding that is needed to complete, dress, and protect it. Mattress pads are a vital part of that protection and keep the mattress from not only becoming damaged but enhancing the feel of that mattress while at the same time lowering the operating costs of owning a hard sided waterbed. Today we are talking about Fitted Mattress Pad for Waterbeds, the pros and cons and why everyone should have one on their wood framed waterbed.

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Benefits of the fitted mattress pad protector

  • Stay on the waterbed- Most fitted mattress protectors have elastic that stretches and that fits over the waterbed like a shower cap fits our head hugging it and gripping it securely.
  • Protects the water mattress from pets and carelessness- Fitted or sometimes called contoured pads are as a rule of them thicker. This makes them a perfect shield against dogs, cats, and things left in our pockets. While they don’t guarantee against punctures they offer an outstanding level of security.
  • Increase heater efficiency- Added thickness and additional layering is the key to holding in waterbed warmth and reducing run-time and heater wear and tear. The end result is money savings on your utility bills. Savings will fluctuate based on several factors including room and bed temperature, mattress pad thickness, and layers of bedding used.
  • Improves overall mattress feel and comfort- Personally I have never been a fan of just putting a sheet over a watermattress. I always simulate it to sitting in the old vinyl lawn chairs in shorts. The extra material a fitted mattress pad provides adds breathability, comfort, and sleep quality.
  • Extends mattress life- They do this by fully protecting the mattress from body oils that can damage vinyl and shorten mattress life, guard against punctures, and through regular cleaning a person can expect a water mattress to last longer than those that opt not to use such protection.


Problems and complaints concerning fitted mattress pads

  • Hard to make- While making any hardside waterbed can be a bit of a chore to make the fact is once the fitted mattress pad is in place they generally stay in position and do not easily slip off. The key is not to over fill the waterbed mattress.
  • Cost more than other types of mattress pads and protectors– While it is true fitted or contoured pads cost more than banded or anchor band models, they are far cheaper than zipper encased models. Cost is usually between $50.00 – $70-00 and that cost can quickly be recovered through efficiency savings and protection from accidental punctures.
  • Not thick enough to do any good– While it is true they are not damask zippered covers most quilted fitted mattress pads have 3.5 ounces our more of fill power per square yard giving waterbed mattresses  a medium level of protection and insulation.
  • Fitted mattress pads slip off- True they can slip off however not over filling the mattress is one key to a pad that will stay in position.  In addition fitted mattress pads do tend to stay on water bed bladders mattresses having less wave motion.

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