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Steel Bed Frames: What They Are, What They Do, and Where You Can Find One

July 28, 2008
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History of the bed frame

Once called a bed carriage or bedstead, a steel bed frame holds the weight of a boxspring and mattress up off of the ground while properly transferring the bed’s total weight back to the floor without damaging the bed or the floor.

Bed frame construction

Of course bed frames need to be sturdy, so they are commonly constructed using steel angle iron some are even constructed of wood. There are many different kinds of steel bed frames available. Some attach to headboards only, while other frames attach to headboard and footboard combinations.  For people who want neither, there are bed frames that will free stand on their own.

A steel bed frame can either come with fixed flat feet or with rollers that swivel and turn which are called a caster oSteel Bed Frames: What They Are, What They Do, and Where You Can Find Oner castor. This bed frame feature makes movement of the bed easier. Flat-footed bed frames offer better stability especially when used on hard wood floors or by the elderly or unstable people. Bed casters, castors, or rollers offer greater mobility of the bed for those who move their furniture around more frequently or would like to clean underneath their bed.

How does a bed frame attach to a headboard and footboard?

Attaching bed steel bed frames to headboards and footboards is easy. Many will fasten up using nuts, bolts, and washers, while others will use connect into slots down hooks. The actual Bed frames can be assembled by being bolted together, keyhole notched, or even clamped or latched together.

Bed frame sizes

Steel bed frames are available in different heights that include low profile, traditional, and custom heights. Bed frames are also available in an array of sizes to fit virtually all mattress and boxsprings on the market. These frames will fit the conventional mattress sizes, which include twin, full, queen, and king and the California king.

Where can I find a steel bed frame?

Well of course here at STL Beds Frame Page but there are many mattress retail stores stock or can order special size bed frames to accommodate mattresses and boxsprings with unusual widths and lengths.

How long do bed frames last?

A less expensive bed frame may only last a couple of years or so. Some bed frames offer full lifetime guarantees. It will depend on the frame you decide to purchase and its construction and overall design. There is no set life expectancy for bed frames.

Steel Bed Frames: What They Are, What They Do, and Where You Can Find One

Where can I find replacement bed frame parts?

Most mattress or furniture stores carry spare bed frame parts. You will need to make sure that their bed frame parts will be the proper replacement part for your damaged or lost frame part. Steel bed frame construction is not standardized so this may be a real challenge to find the correct part you need that will fit or work. You ultimately may end up buying a complete new bed frame.

How much does a steel bed frame for a mattress cost?

Prices can range from about $30.00 to well over $100.00 depending on the size, strength, and type of frame you need. Steel bed frame prices have increased greatly due to the rising cost of steel.

Warranty Issues

Queen size and King size mattress and boxsprings require proper center support to keep the set properly supported.  Most likely your mattress warranty will be considered invalid if the correct bed frame is not used with you new mattress set. We suggest that you read your mattresses warranty card to verify whether or not your steel or wood bed frame is adequate. You can also call your local mattress dealer or the manufacturer of your mattress set.

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