Feng Shui Challenges And Solutions In Your Bedroom Part I

Feng Shui Challenges and Solutions in Your Bedroom Part II

March 20, 2014
In the Bedroom

In Feng Shui Challenges and Solutions in Your Bedroom Part I, we talked about placing of mirrors, where to place your bed compared to where the door is at in the room, and the different angles that can affect the feng shui in your bedroom.

Homeowners face many challenges while trying to create good feng shui bedrooms. This week we’ll address the challenges and solutions for beds under windows, under a sloped ceiling, beds with access on only one side and beds close to the bedroom door.

bedroom-feng-shuiIdeally, you want a good headboard on your bed or a solid wall behind your bed when you sleep. Sleeping with your head directly below a window weakens your energy over time as you have neither proper support nor protection for your body to regenerate itself when you sleep. If possible, move your bed to a different location in your bedroom. But if you can’t do this, then you need to get a strong and solid headboard. You should also get heavy draperies or curtains that you can close at night to create the feeling of a solid wall behind you.

Another challenge many homeowners face while trying to create a good feng shui bedroom is a sloped ceiling. If your bedroom has a sloped ceiling be sure to locate your bed, especially your headboard, under the highest part of the sloped ceiling. This is typically in the center of the room. Positioning your bed under the lowest part of a sloped ceiling contributes to emotional instability and low energy. But a bed under the highest part of the sloped ceiling has the opposite effect, giving you energy that will feel slightly elevated. If you cannot move your bed from under the lowest part of a sloped ceiling, be sure to paint your ceiling and walls the same color, ideally a light color. Many creative homeowners have painted murals on the sloped ceiling over the bed while others have counter balanced their bedrooms by painting an open sky mural with a fresh, clear blue sky and soft white clouds.

Some bedrooms are so small that occupants can only access the bed from one side. Such a configuration limits the flow of energy around your bed. Not only is the flow of energy to your bed restricted, it can also limit the open flow of communication between partners in an intimate love relationship. Despite how limiting the space in your bedroom may be, you should do your best to position your bed in a way that there is breathing room on both sides. While you may not have space for two nightstands, you can use two small plant stands or two tall stacks of books to create a sense of balance. This will allow for more flow of energy around your bed. This balanced arrangement should be applied even if you are the only one sleeping in the bed. With your bed placed against the wall, you’re stifling the fresh flow of energy around your bed and in your life.

Doors usually have a strong flow, or rush of incoming energy which is why a bed close to the bedroom door is considered bad feng shui. A good feng shui bedroom is one where the bed is positioned to create nourishing, relaxing and sensual energy around it. Avoid putting your bed on the same wall as your bedroom door or on a wall near the door. If your bedroom’s layout doesn’t permit you to move your bed to a different location, you’ll need to create a gentle but clear division between the energy of your bed and the energy rushing through the bedroom door. This can be achieved in several different ways. One way is by placing a night stand with a strong visual presence between your bed and the door. A low row of shelving between your bed and the door is another solution to create a cocooning energy around your bed. Or you could place a free standing screen between the door and your bed. A free standing screen takes up very little space and can be folded and placed in a corner during the day if space is limited.

These feng shui solutions are sure to increase the flow of energy in your bedroom, providing you with a better night’s sleep and good health.