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Espresso, Expresso, and Coffee Colored Furniture What Is The Difference?

Why is it important to understand the differences in these colors?

Many people become frustrated trying to complete a bedroom set they didn’t purchase all at one time and will sometimes try to get their hands on different pieces such as dressers, chests, and nightstands from completely different bedroom sets to finish their own bedroom. Maybe they really love the headboard, footboard, and dressers and bought it while opting not to buy the chest and nightstands. Maybe they’re putting together more of an eclectic look and are looking for pieces that contrast well or are in the same family of color.

So which espresso, expresso , coffee color is which?

A very popular furniture color to do this with today is the espresso colors sometimes called the expresso color in the business. Many color gurus throw it in more of the nearly black family of colors while in the business of stains are often a little wider group of colors that just nearly being black. There is repeatedly some additional confusion with another color called coffee which is usually a little bit lighter and ranges more in light to dark chocolate brown family of colors.

So why is there so much confusion with the different color names?

There is no standardization for color names or the actual stains themselves in the furniture industry. Why is this? Most companies create and mix their own colors not to mention they name them too. Furniture manufacturers frequently do this to compel you into buying their matching “Espresso” piece of furniture. This makes competitors furniture pieces look less attractive to the consumer in view of the fact they wouldn’t be exactly the same color or for that matter be in the same family of color.

What to do if you still need to purchase furniture to complete your collection?

Take a sample of the color with you. Remove a drawer, finial, or even a wood bed side rail. They will easily fit into a car. Shop the furniture stores in your area and if you find something that you believe is a close match or contrasts well ask the sales associate if you may bring in a sample to verify the match to be a good one. This will put you on the road to matching and completing your bedroom collection.

Douglas Belleville

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