Eco Series Memory Foam Mattress By Anatomic Global

Eco Series Memory Foam Mattress by Anatomic Global

October 12, 2009
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Who and what does Eco Series do?

Anatomic Global make of the Eco Series Mattress has made a commitment to the environment with its unique line of mattresses. Each Eco Memory Foam Mattress they build is plant based, eco-friendly, and incredibly breathable for a comfortable night of quality sleep.

Eco Series Memory Foam Mattress by Anatomic Global

Eco Series memory foam mattresses don’t just talk the green talk, they actually walk the “Eco” walk and even tout it in the their name. The Eco Series intention is to offer each and every person the best quality, most comfortable & supportive, eco-friendly memory foam products in the market place.

While most companies today are thinking and talking about changes in manufacturing, infrastructure, and their delivery procedures in an effort to become more “Green.” The Eco Series is doing more than just following the latest trend – They have set the manufacturing bar higher than any memory foam producer by not only leading the way but developing and setting new industry standards for earth-friendly memory foam products.

What is Eco Memory Foam?

The Eco Series offers a proprietary Eco Memory Foam manufacturing process that actually conserves energy and is made in the USA?

Eco Series utilizes a unique patented technology in manufacturing and refining process that produces zero emissions.

Their unique memory foam beds use sustainable rapid renewal resources like bamboo for product materials and packaging.

Wish more recycle materials were being utilized in mattress production? The base layer of each Eco Series mattress uses pre-consumer recycled products in it.

Their shipping is eco-friendly too. Through the exclusive packaging and compressing of each mattress that is shipped, Eco Series is able use up to 80 percent less petroleum fuels, consequently reducing their carbon footprint.

STL Beds is proud to announce that we have partnered up with Anatomic Global to offer concerned mattress shoppers an alternative to other memory foam mattresses.

What can Eco Memory Foam Mattresses do that the competition cannot?

Offer consumers:

  • Memory foam mattress that is not hot and lets you sleep cool.
  • The most eco-friendly memory foam mattress available.
  • A memory foam mattress that doesn’t reek of chemicals.

Visit our STL Beds St. Louis MO showroom to test rest one now or order on line and have one delivered to your door.