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Do They Make Special Sheets For Waterbeds?

July 18, 2010
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I am purchasing a California King Waterbed, where can I find waterbed sheets for it or would I be better off using regular king size sheets? Whatever sheets I use will they stay on and is there a way to keep put them in place? thanks!

Yes, there are special sheets for Hardside water beds however some people do use regular sheets on them. Unlike conventional mattresses your colors and print choices will be very limited these days. Most department stores like Wal-Mart and Kohl’s don’t carry them anymore. You can still find them in a local store that sells waterbeds or Google the term waterbed sheets where you will find a nice variety.

The reason for special sheets is a regular fitted sheet won’t work on a water bed.

The waterbed sizes California King, California Queen, and Super Single are not the same as conventional mattress sizes such as Eastern King, Queen, Full, and Twin. The fitted sheets will not even begin to fit because the measurements are different making it nearly impossible to get the elastic down far enough over the corners of the water mattress causing the sheet to come loose. The flat sheets are often too big and are very hard to tuck in.

One common complaint about waterbed sheets is

that special water bed sheets are connected at the bottom; the top and the bottom sheet are sewn together. Some water bed owners use flat sheets on it rather than the special sheets because their feet feel trapped due to the sewn together sheets creating a sleeping bag affect. You can buy flat sheets by themselves in various stores and then tuck in the excess kind of a pain but does expand your color and sheet patterns that are available to you.

A helpful hint in making a waterbed with a traditional flat sheet

is to put them on the bed and basically center the bottom sheet on the bed but giving yourself the most “extra material” at the top, you’ll need a good 6-8″. Tuck that down between the mattress and the box frame as far as you can. Usually you can get your hands down in there pretty well. Then move to the bottom and do the same, pulling the sheet tight and then tucking it in. Then do one side and then the other, pulling the sheet smooth and tight as you go.

The top sheet won’t be an issue that just goes over the top like normal. Be sure to use a mattress pad or something to separate you from the vinyl mattress; they make you sweat like crazy. Under the sheet in lieu of a pad you can substitute with a thin quilt made from cotton or other breathable material and use that as the mattress pad.

Personally, I don’t think the make shift sheets or pad is worth the trouble. As far as keeping the sheets on the bed more wave controlled mattresses tend to buck the sheets off less. You can also be sure that your sheet has a large corner pocket, is fully fitted or has anchor poles in the corner to hold them in place.