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Do People Still Sleep on Waterbeds?

February 15, 2010
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I just have to giggle as a business owner every time I here this question asked.  It’s been nearly 40 years since this so called fad first appeared in waterbed stores and people are still buzzing about them today. Don’t believe me just get on Twitter. Not a day goes buy when waterbeds are not mentioned, some are positive comments others not so much. I won’t lie to you waterbeds owners either loved waterbeds or hated them.

Interestingly many of those people, who loved their waterbed back in the day, did away with it for the old tried and true super soft pillow top mattress and boxspring which was supposed to be more trouble free. The pillow top is said to simulate the soft, cushy feel of a waterbed. In time holes, pits, and body impressions from cheap padding and foam layers cause discomfort and pain. For many of these mattress and boxspring owners the realization of just how much they missed their temperature controlled waterbeds came to be known.

Do they still make waterbeds?

Truthfully the industry is smaller than it was in its hay day. The industry failed because it made the mistake of not listening to its buyers. Today it seems that they are listening. Buyers of waterbeds wanted a bed that was easy to get in and out of. This bed needs to be stylish and flexible enough to blend in with existing furniture like grandmas antique bedroom set or some as modern as a platform bed or contemporary metal bed. These beds need to use regular sheets, mattress pads, and comforters and has to be a bed easier to make. And finally it has to be customer friendly; meaning that it can be easily broke down and set back up.

Today all of these reasonable customer demands are being met either in stores like STL Beds or on the web through online waterbed retailers. What kind of waterbed can do all of this? It’s one of the most exciting mattresses we sell today. It’s good looking, supportive, comfortable and it’s called a softsside waterbed. I am the son of a mattress store owner and I have slept on my current softside waterbed for approximately 5 years.

Where can I buy a waterbed?

So earlier I mentioned I giggled when I hear the question do people still sleep on waterbeds. For what ever reason it seems many of my competitors don’t think so, mattress stores have all but abandoned the waterbed consumer who still faithfully seeks them out for a great night of sleep. I’d like to thank them for handing me a daily paycheck, but more importantly I hope they take notice of this blog and realize that there are loyalist who won’t give up there waterbeds for nothing and more importantly that people are again seeking out the modern look, great support, and thermostatically controlled comfort of a modern softside waterbed.