Different Latex, Different Feel: Is A Talalay Or Dunlop Latex Mattress Best?

Different Latex Types. Different Feel: Is A Talalay Or Dunlop Latex Mattress Best?

October 29, 2018
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When you compare a natural latex mattress to a traditional mattress, you will find that the latex mattress is of superior quality and it can outlast most traditional mattresses. We are going to talk about different latex types.

Latex mattresses are made of Talalay or Dunlop latex and each of the manufacturing processes are quite different. The materials are basically the same, but each has a different feel from the others.

Traditional Mattress Vs. Latex Mattress

Hands down, latex mattresses have many advantages over a traditional innerspring mattress. Latex mattresses can improve your quality and quantity of sleep. They cushion your entire body while aligning your spine and regulating your body temperature. The design of a latex mattress enables the power to last 20 years or more.

Traditional mattresses broadcast motion when one sleeper moves to disturb their sleeping partner. Traditional mattresses can be uncomfortable and discourage proper alignment of your spine resulting in general discomfort and it can make some medical conditions worsen. Traditional mattresses wear out more quickly and have to be replaced often. They also carry allergens of mold, mildew, dust mites, and particles that get trapped in the mattress fibers. Traditional mattresses can also be too hot so that you wake up overheated and sweaty.

Additional Latex Mattress Advantages

Latex has many advantages over a traditional mattress. They are resilient because latex foam has a bounciness that no other material can match–not even synthetic latex. The natural structure allows the latex to compress and immediately spring back to its original shape to provide the ultimate in support systems that will last over 20 years without any changes. Latex mattresses are body contouring as the foam compresses under your hips and shoulders and it extends beyond that to support your legs and waist. Latex mattresses have the bounciness that has a quicker reaction than even memory foam to contour with each move you make. Latex is eco-friendly, as it doesn’t kill the rubber trees that are harvested for production.

What Are The Types Of Latex?

In addition to all-natural latex foam, manufacturers have created synthetic latex, although it may be less durable, cushioning, and buoyant than the all-natural latex.

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is created in a laboratory, many times at the foam manufacturing site. This removes the need to have latex shipped in from rubber tree farms after harvesting it, so the cost is smaller to make synthetic latex. It is usually manufactured using the Talalay production process to make a stronger more comfortable product.

Blended Latex

Many mid-grade latex mattress manufacturers use blended latex. They add a small percentage of natural latex to a synthetic product to increase quality and resilience. These products still don’t have the bounciness and body contouring of real latex, though some consumers on a budget may purchase these blended latex mattresses.

All Natural Latex

All-natural latex mattresses include a vast array of different bedding options. It has to be made entirely from botanical latex in order to be labeled as 100 percent all-natural latex. Botanical latex mattresses can be made in an array of firmnesses, internal constructions, surface treatments, and thicknesses, so you have several to choose from to find the perfect fit for you.

Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex Mattress

Dunlop mattresses are made on the site of the rubber tree farms and don’t involve shipping the liquid latex to a separate facility. Liquid latex is poured into frames in layers and cooled to result in long-lasting and strong latex. Dunlop latex mattresses involve shipping the liquid latex to a factory and whipping the latex before pouring it into a frame. The frame is then vacuum molded and flash frozen to congeal quickly to a foam and air state. This results in a softer more airy mattress than a Dunlop latex mattress.

Which is Better, Talalay, or Dunlop Latex?

The answer to this question is all a matter of preference. Because of the different manufacturing processes, the same firmness of a Talalay and a Dunlop latex mattress will feel differently. Talalay latex is lighter and more breathable than Dunlop latex. Both types of latex are produced in a variety of firms. However, the softest Talalay is actually softer than the softest Dunlop is and the firmest Dunlop is firmer and the firmest Talalay.

Dunlop latex is almost always all-natural because the blended latex tends to be of poorer quality. They are also more affordable because they don’t have to incorporate the costs of shipping the liquid latex to a manufacturing plant. The Dunlop process is also much simpler and less costly than the Talalay manufacturing process. Dunlop latex is longer lasting because it doesn’t have air in it as a Talalay latex mattress does. Dunlop can be potentially more firm than the firmest Talalay mattress. Dunlop’s on-site processing is more eco-friendly with a more streamlined production method using fewer chemical agents. One distinct advantage of a Dunlop mattress over a Talalay mattress is that you can unzip the casing top on the mattress and turn any layer of Dunlop latex over to achieve a firmer feel without the need to purchase a firmer mattress. This is a great advantage of the Dunlop latex and anyone who suffers a back injury will find this to be great quality.

Talalay latex is available in many different blends that may even top the Dunlop natural latex process. This gives you a large variety of price points for a Talalay latex mattress. Talalay latex is often more expensive because the process of manufacturing is more intensive and expensive. Talalay latex may last a bit less long than Dunlop latex because of the air that is incorporated into it. A Talalay mattress is potentially the softest latex mattress you can find.

Because there are different latex types, in the end, you need to make a choice between which brand of latex you prefer. Both the Talalay and Dunlop latex mattresses will provide you with a long-lasting product that offers the ultimate in comfort and a luxurious sleeping surface.

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