How To Customize & Care For Your Savvy Rest Pillow

How to Customize & Care for Your Savvy Rest Pillow

November 23, 2015
How Topillows

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Savvy Rest pillow. Make your organic pillow your own* it’s simple! Follow our how to customize steps below.

How to Modify Your New Pillow

  • Unzip the zipper located at the end of your pillow
  • Remove the outer cotton casing. (This is cleanable. Note “Care Instructions” below.)
  • Filling can be messy. Place pillow over a bag so as to not spill loose filling located inside inner casing.
  • Unzip the zipper of the inner casing.
  • To customize firmness remove desired amount by the handfuls into bag to achieve personalized firmness. Seal the pillow back up by Re-zipping inner and outer casings anc test to see if fill volume, height, and feel havHow To Customize & Care For Your Savvy Rest Pillowe been achieved.
  • Remaining fill can re-purposed for a decorative pillow, stored and used to firm up your adjustable pillow if your firmness needs change, or can be composted.

Care Instructions

Hand-wash removable outer cover in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry.

Formed Pillows (Not Adjustable)

  • Talalay
  • Soap-Shaped
  • Contour


*Note: Pillows that are NOT customizable from Savvy Rest include our Contour,  Talalay ,and Soap-Shaped pillows.