Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Environment

Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Environment

February 19, 2015
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Drifting Off to Dreamland

When people invest time and money in decorating or redecorating their homes, they often reserve very little time or money for bedroom décor. Instead, the lion’s share of time, money, and effort goes into decorating the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. When they are asked why they have prioritized their decorating budget this way, most people will claim that it is because they want to spend the most time and money on the rooms that visitors will see. While this is understandable, people who don’t think the bedroom space is important are often forgetting one key fact. The bedroom is space in which most people spend up to a third of their time. Isn’t it worth the time and effort to create a relaxing bedroom environment that is inviting, and aesthetically pleasing?

A Few Splurges One Can Make to Create the Perfect Bedroom Atmosphere

Obviously, when it comes to bedroom décor, the first place to begin is with the bed itself. When shopping for a new bed, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Invest in the highest quality mattress your budget will allow – this is key when it comes to sleep quality
  • Protect your mattress investment by purchasing and using mattress pads and dust ruffles
  • The higher the thread count, the more luxurious and comfortable the linens are going to be
  • A colorful, patterned comforter is an inexpensive way to make the bed a decorative focal point
  • Colorful pillows make great accent pieces

Lighting is Important Too!

Gorham-Bedroom-OverallGood lighting is extremely important when creating a bedroom space that is comfortable and relaxing. Putting overhead lighting on a dimmer switch is a great way to keep brightness at a level that satisfies everyone and help relax you before heading to bed. Some find it difficult to relax and mentally prepare themselves for sleep under artificial light. In this case, a few wall sconces for candles will provide illumination without harshness.

Finally, readers should invest a few dollars in a nice bedside lamp with a remote control. Lighting with remotes, auto off, or delayed of won’t disturb your relaxation as you drift off and will add to the overall look of the bedroom while providing proper lighting for reading.

Look at Flooring Options

There are many flooring options that are suitable for bedrooms. The best choice truly depends on the tastes and needs of the couple or individual. If the bedroom floor tends to be cold in the morning, carpet may be the best option. A simple, neutral color and texture is perfect in a bedroom where the other décor is bright and colorful. On the other hand, a jewel tone might pop against a more subtle background. If the room has radiant, under floor heating, or receives enough sunlight that cold, morning floors aren’t a concern, wood or tile may be the best choice. Wood flooring (hardwood or laminate) creates a homey, inviting feel that works well with light or pastel colors. Tile flooring comes in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, and can contribute to modern, classical, or rustic looks.

Wall Color

Finally, a coat of high quality paint can have a transforming effect on any bedroom. If the room gets a lot of sunlight, it may be a good idea to counter balance that by using deeper, richer colors. If, in contrast, the room tends to be dark and shadowy, homeowners might prefer to use lighter, brighter colors.

Transforming the bedroom into an inviting and relaxing environment need not be expensive. With a few color choices, and an overall design plan for window, wall, and fabric selections, your bedroom can become a sanctuary.