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Comparison Of Bed In A Box Mattresses To The Medicoil HD

January 23, 2019
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Why Are Bed In A Box Mattresses Popular?

Bed in a box mattresses are a newer type of mattresses that arrive at your home folded up tightly inside of a box. Many consumers like this idea, but why exactly?

It is important that you do your homework before buying a new mattress for your bed. After all, you will be making an investment in your sleep and your health that you will stick with for several years to come. Find out about reviews and mattresses comparisons from real customers and what they think about the support, durability, and firmness of different brands of mattresses.

Bed In A Box Mattresses

Loom And Leaf

The bed in a box mattresses from Loom and Leaf have a cover that is made of 100 percent organic cotton for breathability and softness. It does provide comfort on the top level, however, the lack of support is evident as the bed in a box mattresses don’t have spring coils like the Medicoil HD mattresses.

The support level of Loom and Leaf mattresses can be handpicked by consumers of a Firm or Luxury Firm rating. These levels rest between 5.5 and 10 on the scale of firmness. Most individuals will find this to be too firm and not provide enough plushness. Firmer mattresses also don’t absorb body movements as well and couples that sleep together can easily disturb their partners when rolling over in bed or entering and exiting the bed.

The Loom and Leaf mattress construction has four layers that total up to 12 inches thick. The top layer is a gel memory foam of 4 pounds. The second layer is also memory foam and is 2.5 inches thick. It is about 5 pounds and may improve the compression support of this mattress. The third layer is transition polyfoam and 2 inches deep. It supports the upper two layers above it and provides minimal support for the sleeper in comparison to spring coils. The bottom layer is also foam at 5.5 inches deep for the complete support system being of foam only, which doesn’t’ offer much in the way of support.

The Loom and Leaf mattress does not provide enough support for many users. Many of the end-users reviews express many concerns and disappointments in this regard. The beds in a box also don’t have edge support features that can hold up when sitting on the edge of the bed to put on or take off your shoes or when entering and exiting the bed.

The bed in a box mattresses can be considered too firm by most end users. It causes some measurement of body pain, as it doesn’t wrap around you as a Medicoil HD mattress does. The excessive firmness leads to lower back pain in back sleepers and side sleepers tend to experience pain in their knees, waists, and shoulders because of the lack of softness needed.

Why I Need A Heavy Duty Mattress

Other Bed In A Box Mattress Construction


The Purple mattress is made of a hyper-elastic polymer instead of memory foam. This makes the top layer feel different as it springs back very quickly when you exit the bed. It has a limited warranty and the bottom layers consist of only polyurethane foam and no coil springs for support. This mattress is found to be very soft for end-users, but not supportive due to the construction materials.


This is the company that pioneered the bed in a box mattress in 2014. It is 10 inches tall and has three layers of support. The top layer is a latex type foam followed by a 2-inch memory foam layer and a 6-inch poly foam base. When the entire construction of a mattress is foam, it will be too soft for most users and doesn’t have a support system of coils. This mattress is also reported by consumers not to have the edge support they need and some have actually rolled off the bed while asleep or they report a lasting dent in the mattress on the edges while putting on their shoes in the mornings.

Medicoil HD Mattress Line

The entire idea of spring coils is to give you maximum support with a soft pillow top cover for breathability and comfort from pressure spots. The Medicoil HD series of mattresses also include the highest quality building materials such as super heavy-duty springs, high density, and resiliency foams and all-natural latex rubber.

Medicoil HD mattresses have a cooling effect to lower the temperature on the mattresses surface giving you comfort while you sleep. The memory foam in the mattress can do wonders as it dissipates, manages and absorbs body heat to provide a circle of the cooling surface around the sleeper. The Medicoil HD mattresses are very supportive to remain solid and firm for years. The material in the mattress aligns perfectly with the body, giving you the best night’s sleep ever.

The Medicoil Heavy Duty line of mattresses was first pioneered to address big and tall users that required a bed to last longer due to their heavier weight than an average person. Now the word is out and all consumers realize the quality construction of this mattress with the most durable coil springs of heavy-duty 12.5 gauge offset steel springs to last for many years to come. These mattresses are also rated on the edge support as a superior mattress like none other to last without sagging. The mattress is about 15.5 inches thick from the bottom to the top and filled with superior construction. The manufacturer is so confident in this mattress line that they offer an astounding 25-year warranty on it.

In summary, no matter what type of mattress in a box you decide on to purchase, it will not have the support from heavy-duty coil springs that lasts for many years because this support system cannot be folded up into a box. Bed in a box mattresses may lead you to think that they are a bargain at a lower price, but as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”