Common Under Bed Issues Are Solved With The Closed In Bed Base Frame

Common Under Bed Issues are Solved with the Closed In Bed Base Frame

October 28, 2013
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Hotel Industry Idea Solves Common Under Bed Issues

While many people store their dining room table leaf, slippers, and extra blankets under their bed, there is an ever-growing group of people who are annoyed by this out of sight space. It gets dirty and many bed owners fight the battle to keep the dogs, cats, and kids out of this space.

Did we mention this place is the black hole for everything lost and missing? Some lucky people are fortunate enough to escape the hole’s powerful grip and rediscover what was lost months or years ago.

Is there a way this area or space can be closed off and sealed?

The answer is yes and this closed in bed base frame is a unique solution for the most common under-bed problems we face.

How to keep pets from underneath beds

If you have pets, chances are you’ve had a dog or a cat under your bed. Most pet owners ask the question as to why their furry family member chooses this annoying hiding place. A number of circumstances can cause this behavior in our pets. Fear, anxiety, comfort, and safety are the main motives for their instinctual action. There are other safe places and ways for your pet to handle these dispositions and are healthier for you. Sealing off the underside of the bed with an impenetrable bed support frame is the answer. It is essentially 4 closed insides (a square) and supporting braces with feet to support the middle and edges of the box spring. It’s that easy. Maximum weight distribution, steel construction, and sleek design make the Hotelier the ultimate closed in bed frame base.

Closed In Bed Base Frame Solves Problems Closed In Steel Bed Base Box Style Frame solves safety problems and keeps the underside of bed clean

Keeping underneath beds clean

Many individuals suffer from allergies and asthma, and keeping the space under a bed clean can play a big role in good bedroom hygiene. Grime, dirt, dust, and those little rodents called dust bunnies are blocked out by the four closed insides. For people that don’t want to clean under the bed and prefer not to move furniture for regular dusting and vacuuming a closed bed base is a great solution.

Children can’t hide or hide things under the bed

Not only can the underside of a bed be dirty and unhealthy, but it is also not a safe place for children to play. Many bed frames are weak, sub-par and of poor quality. Various clamps, screws, and connections can loosen up over time making beds weak and unstable.  Perhaps the biggest issue is that steel bed frames and beds are not properly assembled by doing it yourselves instead of professionally assembled. This could possibly lead to the falling of the mattress, box spring, and bed on top of a small child who could potentially become trapped under the heavy bed or even worse. Proper solid closed in support from the hospitality industry Hotelier can be a safe solution.

Blackhole; losing things under the bed

Losing anything can be not only an inconvenience but also frustrating or perhaps devastating for really important personal effects. Many times I have gone on company deliveries to a customer’s house for new bedroom furniture and removed the old dressers, chest of drawers, or a bed only to find everything from cheap costume jewelry all the way up to valuable family heirlooms.  Not everything is valuable. Sometimes it’s a sock, shoe, or other piece of clothing. While it’s not grandma’s old necklace it is annoying none the less. Securing the underside of a bed by sealing it off is a smart answer to the lost item under the bed.

In the hospitality industry overnight guests often have the hustle of coming and going from an unfamiliar place like hotel rooms, bed, and breakfasts, or perhaps a lodge. In such unfamiliar environments living out of a suitcase, packing and unpacking personal items can and do often end up misplaced sometimes ending up beneath the bed and are rarely discovered by hospitality staff. To solve such issues many guest services in hospitality industry management and room designers look for closed in bed frame supports for help. Closed bed bases like the Hotelier from Glideaway seal off the underside of the bed to keep belongings from ending up under the bed. This is a unique inexpensive solution to an age-old problem shop the Hotelier Now.