Classifieds, Cheap Mattress Box springs New in Plastic. The Scoop!

Mattress New in Plastic is this a scam?

Any size mattress is new in plastic $99.00 apiece. This is a common classified ad found in virtually every local newspaper, bulletin board or even websites like Craigs List. The advertisement always says that they are new and in plastic and has a price tag that is hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars cheaper than mattress or furniture retail stores. Is it too good to be true?

Mattresses sold from the shadows

Most reputable mattress retailers sell their mattresses in a store or online. They make a profit to pay their bills. They offer warranties on the beds they sell and stand behind them. Back door methods of buying mattresses to me is a lot like the man that approaches you from the shadows wearing a trench coat, opens one side, and then the other and ask you if you would like to buy a new Rolex watch, or perhaps a gold necklace and bracelet.

So why can I buy these new mattresses in plastic so cheap?

Is it a scam? Perhaps the really low prices are that way for a reason.

1. Employee theft from retailers is one possibility.   Warehouse people, delivery people, even salespeople themselves have an opportunity and we all know a business’s biggest problem with theft is from employees.
2. Comfort Exchange Returns. Some stores offer customers the perk of being able to exchange their mattress for a new one if they don’t find it comfortable. Unscrupulous stores re-bag and sell them as new since it is against the law to resell them in their stores.
3. Where did that guy get the garage full or storage unit full of mattresses? We’ll just let you use your imagination.
4. MattressRefurbishing. Old mattresses have become a big business for refurbishers who find old mattresses and reupholster them. If you choose to purchase one of these hopes that you are lucky enough that they strip the old upholstery off before installing a new cover and cheap low-grade materials. Many of these refurbishers are bagging them up to look as good as new without proper sterilization methods in place.
5. Perhaps these mattresses are just floor models from retailers? We don’t think so. Nearly all stores are looking to close sales and if they can’t sell you one new in plastic they will discount their floor samples, show you models with deeply discounted prices or mismatched, in liquidation, even scratched and dinged.
6. Perhaps it’s a legit deal that you can buy a $700.00 mattress set for $150.00? Yeah, we don’t think so either. Classifieds, Cheap New in Plastic Mattress Box springs

The only thing I can say is I am not about to buy some mattress that has been reupholstered, stolen, or who knows what. I am not interested in buying one and you shouldn’t be either. If a deal sounds too good to be true it almost always is and you should err on side of caution and assume it is a scam.

New mattresses in plastic in the Classifieds give us the real scoop.

So what do you think?
Have you ever bought one of these and what was your experience?