How To Choose The Right Paint Color For Your Bedroom

How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bedroom

December 4, 2014
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Before the bed and before the bedroom furniture you need paint

Looking for a paint color for your bedroom can be a frustrating and confusing endeavor, because you never know what will look best.  A person needs a vivid imagination to be able to think of what a small one inch paint swatch will look like on a larger scale covering the walls of a master bedroom.  You do not want a color that is too dark or too light or you might regret spending the time and money to paint the bedroom a new color.  However, there are suggestions a person can follow when seeking to brighten up a bedroom using a tasteful, warm and inviting color palette which will be pleasing to the eyes and senses and make the room inviting and welcoming.

Things to consider before painting the bedroom

The first thing to consider when painting a bedroom is the size; a small room can look even smaller when painted a dark color.  When selecting paint color for a small sized master bedroom, a person should pick a brighter, lighter color because it will provide the illusion of more space without the expense of remodeling.  The color the ceiling of a room is painted is also something important to think about, white paint will add height to the room so making it the same color as the walls will expand the look of the entire room.  Using the right colors in the bedroom has the power to transform the look and choosing crisp light colors will brighten up the space and make it feel open and airy.

prepare-house-paintingYour bedroom is a sanctuary and a place where you escape from the world, relax and unwind.  The color of the walls should create a serene oasis and reflect a peaceful ambiance, which is why it is important to pick the right color of paint to set the mood of the room.  Light blue, green, lavender and creamy neutral tones are available in different shades and hues and will give the room a cool, relaxing vibe when matched with coordinating draperies, bedding and complementary decorations.

Many individuals wonder which paint color to choose for a master bedroom that has a variety of awkward angles.  However, the same rules apply when painting a room with angles as it does for painting a bedroom of standard shape.  No matter which color is chosen, the light in the room will play on the colors selected and can completely change the way a room appears.  Corners will look darker sometimes and the walls will take on different shades depending on the lighting, which means the room will be interesting and appealing with the right color of paint.

Type of paint you choose is important

As important as the paint shade, is the “type” of paint selected, using eco-friendly paint will make your bedroom look beautiful while not harming the environment.  Switching from a conventional paint to eco-friendly paint also prevents a person from inhaling carcinogenic fumes during the painting process. Low VOC or No VOC Eco-friendly paints are available in just as many shades as traditional paint and are just as durable, and healthy and completely safe for those individuals with asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues.