Center Support Bed Frame Shopping Tips

Center Support Bed Frame Shopping Tips

Whether you are buying a new bed, shoring up an old one, or would just feel better having a center support bed frame for peace of mind, your money will be well invested.  Today we are diving into various bed frames that utilize center support that will make your bed stronger, safer, and comply with all manufacturers’ warranties. We’re talking Center Support Bed Frame Shopping Tips what they are, how they work, and where to get them.

Center support bed frames are exactly as described. They are a regular metal or steel outer frame work that adds additional support to the middle of the bed. The middle support can run head to toe and usually does on king size models, but usually runs from one side to the other on queen size versions spanning the width of the bed frame either bolting, screwing, or clipping into place. Center support is found most often under queen size mattress sets or bigger however occasionally more middle support is needed to shore up a twin or full size that has to hold more weight.

What type of Center Support Bed Frames Are Available and Where To Find One

How a Center Support Bed Frames Works

Contrary to some beliefs such bed frames can either have only a headboard while others may have both headboard and footboard. The fact is that the headboard and footboard are not what make center support necessary, it is the crossing width from one side to another. Frames that have center support can be both Bolt up or hook in connections. What center support does is keep a boxspring correctly supported so that it will not start to sway or sag from time and weight. This is something that every manufacturer requires to validate their warranty which is often 10 years or greater.

Center Support Bed Frame Shopping Tips

An important tip to remember is that if the bed frame is being used daily it is best to look for sturdier frames as an alternative of cheaper prices. Remember this Important Tip: Steel is sold by the pound and cheaper frames often have less steel making them weaker and more vulnerable to failure. Having to buy a replacement frame doesn’t save you the consumer a dime and only puts money in the pockets of frame builders and bed frame retailers. Look for models with bigger angle iron and stronger feet. Avoid 1 ¼ angle iron or smaller for anything but spare bedroom usage. Another shopping tip and rule of thumb is to look for companies that explain frame construction in a way you can understand and avoid those that only focus on price and savings. Such advice will likely cost you more than a few dollars more and will support you for years to come.

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