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Can I Use A Mattress Pad With One of These Memory Foam Mattresses?

April 29, 2010
In the Bedroom

We recommend the use of a mattress pad or protector

with any mattress for hygiene purposes in addition to regular mattress care. However with a Memory Foam mattress you do not want to use a thick pad that might keep the natural body heat away from your mattress. This is particularly true of the older traditional style Memory Foam beds.

Such mattresses are responsive to temperature and the heat softens them and allows them to mold and contour helping to give the sleeper full body support.

Mattress pads are an important part of mattress care and are necessary to keep away the nasty unmentionable body fluids that can stain and ruin a mattress, even cause it to smell. Make sure that what ever kind of pad you use that it allows air to move feely to the foam. If air  doesn’tcirculate freely, older first generation memory foams can become stiff, nonconforming, and most importantly uncomfortable.

Mattress pads used on newer generation memory foam beds may not affect the foams

contouring or supporting capabilities because many of them are less reactive to temperature. No matter what kind of memory foam mattress you have the companies that make them all recommend at the very least the use of a breathable mattress protector in lieu of a mattress pad.