Afraid Of Your Mattress?

Can St. Louis Buy a Safe Mattress?

January 21, 2009
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On July 1 2007 the federal mattress safety standards were increased requiring all mattresses to pass measured levels of fire retardantcy through 3 controlled burn tests. To meet these standards mattress makers were allowed the freedom to come up with new ways on their own to meet or exceed the new federal standards put into place. Is there a reason most manufacturers will not disclose their methods to slow the rate of mattress burning in the condition of a fire. Is there a dirty little secret the mattress makers aren’t telling us?

Many mattress companies have opted to use chemically treated fibers. This might not be so bad if we didn’t have to sleep in the bed for 6-8 hours. Here is where we believe a problem has potential to develop.  Statistics show that 1000 people are injured and 300-400 people die every year, most related to smoking in bed. Is it worth it to have the CPSC (Government) protecting us from ourselves? Apparently they think so, but at what price is all of this mattress safety and protection going to cost you and me?

  • Mattress manufacturers have to comply with a burn law, but do not have to disclose on the law label what chemicals have been used to help the mattress comply with burn testing.
  • Mattresses that use chemicals haven’t been properly tested in long term human testing.  What happens with prolonged exposure through years of chemical nighttime snuggling?
  • Unnecessary research and development along with miles of required documentation demonstrating that a mattress meets all federal standards.

I believe the CPSC and the mattress industry could be putting all of us in jeopardy to other health risks maybe even cancer. I guess an illness, or death 15, 20, or 30 years later is a problem we will deal with if and when it happens. I truly feel for the loss of life due to smoking in bed or the injuries caused from it. What I do not see is the senseless increase in retail and wholesale mattress costs for the mistakes of a few people that know not to smoke in bed. Mattresses are typically covered with a mattress pad, bottom fitted sheet, top sheet, and bed spread wouldn’t the mattress be the last item to catch fire? It just seems like another ridiculous attempt for the Government to protect us from ourselves.

Never mind the fact that retail prices jumped significantly and two sided mattresses mysteriously disappeared. Never mind that the new one-sided mattresses and all of the skepticism they come with meet FR compliancy with greater ease. Never mind that some manufacturers control mattress costs by cutting quality in using cheaper raw materials.

With all of that said STLBeds of St. Louis Missouri is offering anyone who doesn’t trust the mattress manufacturers or the Government a virtually no toxic chemicals alternative choice through organic mattresses. These mattresses comply with the CPSC standards by passing all 3 burn tests by using naturally raised and certified organic wool.  Contact us for more information or please follow our regular blogs.