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Can You Add a Pillow Top to a Mattress?

January 11, 2010
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Ever been camping and suddenly realized why you don’t do it anymore? You remember camping don’t you? Sleepless nights on the hard unforgiving ground no comfy mattress, no air conditioning, or furnace to offer at least some degree of comfort. Now imagine being at home and you just spend $500.00, $1000.00, or more on a new mattress and unexpectedly you’re vividly reliving your nightmare camping days only this time it’s in your brand new mattress that feels hard as those sleepless nights of camping.

New Mattresses That Are so Hard You Cannot Sleep on Them

Today this is an all too common problem, and there is a solution. I would like to tell you a real life example of just such and issue. I recently had a customer who was frustrated and didn’t know what to do after purchasing a brand new mattress for about $800.00 and was ready to move it out of the master bedroom and into the spare bedroom. He had pointed out to me at this point he was gun shy and wasn’t ready to fork out nearly another grand on another new mattress that was too hard and uncomfortable.

What If Anything Can be Done to Soften Up a Mattress?

Not knowing what he had at home, I tried to find a mattress on my showroom floor that felt similar to his hard, firm, and unforgiving mattress in order to help him solve his comfort problem. After trying a few difference models we narrowed it down to one in particular that he acknowledged was nearly identical to his. Next on top of it I placed an Eco Series 2.5 inch memory foam topper but most any soft topper would have got the job done and  we had him lay back down on the same hard mattress he had just tried. I told him that many times before this has saved people from abandoning their old bed by enhancing its feel. He was simply blown away and could not believe the difference.

Did We Add a Pillow Top to This Bed?

Sort of, this added top or topper is just like adding a pillow top to an existing mattress. Although not sewn on permanently, the high quality topper stays firmly in place and gives the same feel as if a pillow top was sewn on to the bed at the factory. The best part is there are many different kinds of mattress toppers made out of different kinds of materials and if the softer added surface wears out it can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new bed. Want to learn more about pillow tops that can be added to your existing bed to give the bed a softer feel?Y