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Buying Furniture On the Weekends Only, Can It Save You Money?

December 4, 2008
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Signs say it; newspaper ads print it, and any red-blooded shopper that can take to mean what an ad implies to be true believes there are great deals to be had. But just because someone says that they are only open on weekends to save us money, does that make it factual or for that matter even possible? Lets dig a little deeper.

Companies buy buildings or rent them but do they only have to pay the mortgage or rent payments on the weekends?
I think we all no that’s not true. I think it is safe to say our mortgage holders or landlords would not be so generous to forgive us of our monthly principle and interest payments just because we only lived in our residents only on the weekends. However it does sound like a sweet deal, I want that.

If selling furniture, mattresses or any item for that matter only on the weekends really saved customer’s money why doesn’t every store in every industry do the same thing?
My guess is that slow and steady beats a weekend mad rush, you know like the Tortoise and the hair. Someone once told me why isn’t Costco or Sam’s Club only open on the weekends? Aren’t those the two most successful money saving companies in the United States? If only being open on the weekend saved you more money I have to believe these two giants would lead the way.

Do companies that are only open on the weekends only incur lower costs by only being open on the weekend?

My view is I do not think so, put your current life in a weekend mode of doing everything you do, would that really save you money? If it worked we would do it, the world would do it. I think it is safe to say the answer is no.

Do companies have to still pay utilities, insurance, and advertising throughout the week?
Yes, just because their weekend store hours start on Fridays and go on thru Sundays that does not mean they stop accumulating bills Monday thru Thursday.

Is advertising stopped by weekend only type businesses during the week such as Internet, TV and radio if no why is that?
Of course not the answer is simple, no. The reason is consistency, they do not want to lose that constant steady exposure that mainstream stores who are open 7 days a week benefit from.

Is it true that stores that are open Sunday through Saturday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM can also buy truckloads, close outs and one of a kinds?
Sure they can and they do. Maybe even more so than a business that is only open on the weekends because they are open all week long waiting and ready to take advantage of such great bargains and special buys.

Is customer service better from a store that is open 7 days a week as apposed to stores that are only open on weekends?
That is hard to say. My guess is that a store that is open 7 days a week vs. one that is open 2 or 3 days a week will have someone conveniently available to help you with your service needs. I suppose another thing one could do is look to organizations like the BBB or talk with people who have bought from these companies and find out how they were treated. It just seems to me that being available to your customer virtually everyday shows you are truly committed to their needs.

So why would buying on the weekends only save me money? I just don’t know.

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