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Box Springs On A Bunk Bed?

January 17, 2012
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Can I use a Box Springs On A Bunk Bed?

What do you suggest?  We have a box spring for our current mattress and the twin mattresses would go on a bunk bed that is slatted.  Would we be able to use those?


Thanks Brad you did not tell me a lot about your bunk bed so I will run through a couple possible scenarios. Bunk beds come in one piece designs and two piece designs. One piece versions are what they are: twin over twin or twin over full size bunk beds. Two piece versions can be separated making them more versatile for future use. Separating the top bunk from the bottom bunk allows a person to convert the bunk bed into 2 individual beds we think that these are often better beds for bigger kids, tweens, and teenagers and an excellent way to solve a problem later on down the road.

Why you shouldn’t use box springs on bunk beds

While it may seam like a reasonable idea, there are a couple reason you do not want to use boxsprings on an assembled bunk bed. Here are the primary reasons for not using a foundation or boxspring with a bunk bed:

Box springs will elevate the mattress to height that is greater than the safety side rails.

Using a box spring on a top bunk will not only lift the mattress higher but eliminate head space in the top bunk area. This is particularly an issue with 7 foot and 8 foot bedroom ceilings. There may be little to no room for the child to move around or sit up comfortably.

Space between top bunk and bottom bunk is always limited. Putting a box spring under the mattress again limits the space a child has by lifting the mattress as much as 9 inches. While that may not seem like a lot, it is needed space that just isn’t available for growing children who want to sit up in bed in the bottom bunk area.

Can I use the boxspring once I have separated the bunk bed into 2 beds?

While many people do it, placing a base foundation under the mattress usually doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Headboards and footboards used for bunkbeds are small and generally a little lower than other twin size or full size beds. In the end the biggest issue will be that with the bed fully made up and dressed, you may loose the look of the bed which could be hidden by a taller mattress set. Then add the bedding and pillows and the headboards sometimes disappear and become hidden. Hope we answered some questions about using Box Springs On A Bunk Bed.