What Is A Bed Frame

Is It Best To Use A Bed Frame With Feet Or Wheels?

May 20, 2010
In the Bedroom

There are some very strong reasons to choose a steel frame with feet and the same can be said for a bed frame with wheels

Frankly the answer is a matter of personal preference but we are going to give the person that doesn’t buy a new bed frame everyday some things to think about before making the decision of which one might best fit their needs.

34RRjpeg-300x156All steel bed frames for the most part are very durable and yes cost often affects quality and durability of a frame. Some bolt together while others have rivets and slots. Some are stronger than others you will need to look at each frame on an individual basis and compare. Advice can be asked of your sales associate as to what kind of frame would work best for your purpose.

No matter what kind of frame you buy one with wheels /castors or one with feet /glides, today they are going to be constructed using plastic.

Things to think about before choosing a bed frame

Do you have carpet?
Either frame works very nicely for this application. Frames with feet and especially additional feet offer strength and help distribute weight better and lessen wear on carpeting and carpet padding.

Do you have a hardwood floor or other hard surfaced floor?
If you have a hardwood floor you know keeping furniture in one place is a challenge and a bed frame is no exception. Bed frames have a tendency to slide or roll out of place on solid surfaces like hardwood floors. Frames with wheels are nearly impossible to keep in place and people tend to find themselves chasing the bed around the room. A person needs to consider the individual that will be using the bed and the physical ability and mobility. With elderly people wheels are typically not a good choice.

Bed frames with wheels are almost always easier to move. This is extremely important if you like to clean under the bed frequently or rearrange the room. Frames with wheels offer easy mobility.

Which frame is easier to get replacement parts?
Neither.  Most frame manufacturers change construction designs so frequently that it is nearly impossible to get the exact replacement wheel or foot that is needed. It is pretty common to find that parts and pieces are not interchangeable from one brand frame to another. Finally before purchasing replacement feet or rug rollers be sure to measure your bed frame legs, this will tell you if the bed frame feet are compatible will fit your bed.