Bedroom Magazine Launches New Website

BEDROOM Magazine Launches New Website

August 30, 2011
Industry News & Alerts

Champion and mattress industry advocate BEDROOM magazine makes announcement.

The 17 year magazine publication “Bedroom” has kept people, industry professionals including manufacturers and retailers informed about the latest industry technologies, sleep products and have kept us educated and informed. They recently sent out the following email.

BEDROOM is excited to announce the launch of our new website!

Complete with the latest news and updates. offers retailers and industry professionals alike a user friendly, informative point of reference.

As a continuation of the magazine, which is also available in full format, is written for sleep retailers and focuses on products and technology available to help them succeed yet expands to also cover the latest industry news such as management changes, product promotions in addition to retailer successes and showroom news.   Our website provides bedding retailers with the knowledge and tools they need to stock their showrooms and warehouses.

Through the website, visitors can also connect to our Facebook page which offers highlights from the industry, further product information, and our staff’s take on the bedding industry with a lighter, more conversational approach.

The new website and Facebook page demonstrate how BEDROOM remains true to opening the conversation between retailers and industry professionals.  Publisher, Christopher Schriever elaborates, “By being more connected with our readers and advertisers online we are able to better serve the industry and report on products and technologies faster and more effectively to our readers.”

Please feel free to visit website for yourself.

I can tell you as a retailer “Bedroom” magazine has personally been a great source for information.  I look forward to utilizing the new site and hope many of my customers will do the same. This is why I published the announcement under our “Mattress Industry News” tag.  I think it’s important for shoppers to see the latest industry trends and sales tactics so they are better prepared to make a smart purchasing decision when the time comes.