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Learn More About Queen Bed Side Rails

November 23, 2012
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Learning About Queen Bed Side Rail Options

There is absolutely nothing more heart breaking than to have a beautiful bedroom set only to find out the moving company lost the Bed Side Rails for your queen Size Bed. Other common dilemmas that can have people searching for new side rails is damage created from improper support. This problem could come in many forms. Anything from cracked or broken wooden side rails to bent metal sides. Both situations can be nearly impossible fix but there is a replacement solution?

Replace Bed Side Rail Solution For Queen Size Beds

Just any old side frames will not work. First, you must determine how the lengthwise rails connect to the headboard and footboard.

Connection type will either consist of nuts and bolts or two metal hooks that slide into the vertical slots of the bed. They can be made from either wood or metal but length of the queen rails can vary slightly. There is no industry standard but usually measure 2-3 inches longer than the mattress which commonly measures about 80 inches giving you 82-83 length sides. This is the ideal length to minimize the gap between the headboard and footboard so pillows and other bedding won’t annoyingly slide between the two. This should still leave sufficient space to position hands in between for easy making of the bed.

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Various Queen Rail Options To Choose From

One manufacture knows how help you solve the problem ,Glideaway Bed Carriage Company out of St. Louis MO offers solid frame solutions to support your bed ensemble. They recommend that if you have wood headboards and foot boards with wooden hook in designed side rails that they strongest replacement available steel replacements.

Their 62 CS and DRQ60 Rails are the standard rails that fit any USA standard queen measurement a measurement that even most importers follow. The 62 CS with crosswise center support and supporting feet will help take some to the weight by getting it to the ground. It will also maintain the original frame height while the DRQ60 will lower thicker mattresses and boxsprings 3 ½ inches helping to ease entry and exiting of the bed and improving the showiness of the headboard.

Durable Choices for Overweight People

63CS Queen Rails To Support Queen Box Spring Click now to shop frames rails to support Queen Boxsprings

Glideaways 63CS WB is an interesting solution for bariatric sized people or people that just tend to be very hard on bed frames. This frame can handle a load having 9 adjustable feet for ideal weight distribution relieving excessive pressure on down hooks. While the WB stands for waterbed this frame can do much more the 63 CS WB can easily accommodate a 1000 pound waterbed plus an adult couple. This makes using it for a regular mattress and box spring a no brainer since the size all mattresses including coil spring, memory foam, and softsided waterbeds are identical.   None of these frames can be used as stand-alone frames they must have a head portion and foot portion to help anchor and stabilize the entire bed. Once connected properly these 3 queen side rail replacements will give you years of trouble free life and comfort while protecting the investment you made in your bed and bedroom set. It’s possible that they could be handed down for the next generation to enjoy.

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