Organic Wool Mattress From Savvy Rest

How to Assemble Your Savvy Rest Mattress

October 11, 2011
Green LivingHow To

D: Hi my name is Dominic.

G: Hi my name is Gretchen.

D: And we’re here to show you how to assemble your savvy rest mattress

D: This is the finished product and it can be assembled and laid upon our foundations or on a platform bed like this one. Lets get started.

D:  The boxes will be marked to let you know what’s inside locate the box that has the casing in it and then set it up

G: The casing will come zipped together so always make sure the zipper is at the foot of the bed

D: Get your bottom layer bring the box close to the bed.

D:  And always pull the latex out of the box by grabbing the plastic do not grab the latex because it can tear, also tip the box over and allow it to spill out.

D: Double off latex will have a top side and a bottom side the top side has small holes the top size has large holes place the small holes facing up.

D: Use a flicking waving motion to move the latex into position.

D: Get the corners of the latex down into the corners of the casing and line the edge up with the seam of the fifing.

D: This will be a snug fit to prevent the latex from shifting around so don’t worry if you have to um push and zip squeeze it in tightly as you go along.

D: Then as a final step locate the fifing underneath and give it a gentle tug to make sure all the slack is taken up that maybe underneath the mattress so that it is coming out to the edge as much as possible giving your mattress a well rounded finish.

D: And there you go.