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Are Commercial Grade Mattresses Exclusive And Better?

November 2, 2015
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Only Sold Here! Oh Yeah?

I recently saw a brand name mattress set being sold on a major TV Shopping Station touting how the brand name mattress they were selling was “commercial grade”, exclusive only to them and was the same thing that you can sleep on in the finest hotels. High-end swanky hotels indeed seek to entice you in with their rich ambiance and luxury décor, but it’s their service that lures you in, right?

I believe most people would say that the overall service and a good supportive restful sleep is what brings you back. They woo you with claims of commercial grade quality, brand name mattresses, and even bedding that dresses the beds to the tens. They offer S Brand mattresses and accessories fit for a king or queen like Egyptian cotton sheets and heavenly pillows to top them off. I’ll bet you didn’t know most of what you’re sleeping on is for sale.

Just look at the nightstand. The concierge would be happy to assist you.

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The Truth Is In The Details

Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and yes even mattress manufacturers are finding new ways to reach their customers and make more money. One way is offering so-called exclusive offerings on beds and bedding at the places we stay the night and rest. Hotels and B &B’s offer these exclusive mattresses built just for them that conveniently during your stay become an overnight test rest. This is an ingenious way for mattress builders and hotels to achieve huge retail success and profits.  It makes money for the manufacturer, and the stockholders, and yes even bring additional revenue in for the overnight establishment.

But… is it an exclusive offer?

The mattress industry is known to be one of the worse for protecting its bedding retailers. They do the same for big hotels, motels, and B&Bs!

For example, let’s take two beds. Bed A is in Hotel 1 and Bed B is in Hotel 2. The industry will take Bed A and say “Bed A is exclusive at Hotel 1! Purchase this for a limited time only!” Meanwhile, Bed B is currently being used in Hotel 2. The same will be said for Bed B. “Bed B is exclusive only at Hotel 2! Purchase this for a limited time only.” The only difference between the two beds may be that Bed A has a blue cover and Bed B has a red cover. They could have also only changed out one layer of upholstery. They will give the beds different names.  This makes it nearly impossible for mattress buyers to compare one bed to another.

Most notably consumer advocacy magazine Consumer Reports called out the industry for their claims of comparables that seemed to do nothing more than protect competing retailers who could tout that they had something unique and exclusive.

Naming Mattresses And Exclusives Are Marketing Hype!

Clever naming like Chiro / Chiropractic, Beauty Sleep, and even Back Saver are just sample names that seem to imply at the very least some level of better health to be had. Whether they do or don’t is important to the manufacturers. It is the perceived health benefit to the consumer that is the power of a well-named mattress.

Is It A Commercial-Grade Mattress?

No, in most cases they are not. The fact is just because a fast-pitch TV personality tells you it does not make it so. Nor does changing the color of a fabric cover, or putting an exclusive name on it. None of these things make it worthy of being called commercial grade.

It might make it exclusive and unique to the establishment selling it, but it does NOT necessarily make it more durable or longer lasting. Only heavy-duty premium-grade commercial mattress sets with more overall steel, higher density upholstery, and genuinely better overall building materials are going to meet the criteria beds.

An example of such construction is the Medicoil HD from The Bedding Group. They have tested their beds to withstand daily use by people ranging in size from petite to a plus-sized person. Real third-party testing that simulated usage by a 350-pound person for 10 years is proof of commercial-grade durability.

Don’t Wait, Time Is Running Out!

Do not be swayed be quick pitchmen on TV pitching ou offers. Shop and compare the bones of good quality beds. Commercial-grade mattresses include verifiable stronger building components that should be compared, not just a tag that says commercial grade.

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