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Are All One-Sided Mattresses junk?

February 12, 2015
In the Bedroom


I don’t want to go through the hassle of flipping my mattress so I purchased a brand name 1 sided mattress. The bed didn’t last very long and seems to be nothing more than over priced crap. I want the convenience of having a one side mattress but also the durability of the old 2 sided. Is there such a thing as a good quality one-sided mattress?


geneva_plush_1We often run into this question while working with customers. A two-sided mattress gives the consumer the option of flipping the mattress over; saving foams abuse from the wear and tear of our body weight on the mattress. This theoretically will give the consumer extra life out of their mattress.   However, for some consumers, the idea of having to flip the mattress is out of the question. This could be for a variety of reasons; ranging from not being able to physically flip the mattress or they simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of flipping the mattress. This brings up the question

 “Is There Such Thing as a Good Quality One-Sided Mattress?”

The answer is yes, you can find a durable one-sided mattress that will be of superior quality and give sleepers the support and comfort they demand and expect for many years to come.

The trend of the one-sided mattress started in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. Similar to any other product, there was a wide range of qualities manufactured. However, with the rise of crude oil prices coupled with what many feel is nothing more than mattress industry greed has resulted in a lack of quality and durability in today’s mattresses. Crude oil is needed to produce the polyurethane foams found in most one-sided mattresses. While the appearance of today’s mattresses is bigger and thicker and more impressive looking the reality is that big manufacturers are putting far less foam and other quality materials in their one-sided mattresses to save money, which ultimately hurts the consumer. Consumers saw their mattresses go from higher quality 1.8 pound foam density to in many cases less than 1 pound. This very poor quality foam has led to beds breaking down quicker which gave consumers a bad experience with their first one-sided mattress.

However, a quality well-built one-sided mattress will outlast a poorly built two-sided mattress. We at STL Beds pride ourselves on carrying products that are made to last while ensuring durability and comfort for our clients. We carry one-sided mattresses that have a 1.8lb foam density upwards to 2.5lbs density. This means that you’re getting more foam for your money; giving you a more durable mattress.

A one-sided and two-sided mattress can both be good mattresses. In the certain circumstances where a one-sided mattress is preferred, rest assured that a quality one-sided mattress can still be found if you do your homework. After doing ours a few years back we stumbled across a small line of mattresses from King Koil called Extended Life. They are designed, built, and independently third party tested to support persons weighing up to 350 pounds on each side. This superior design stood out to us as well as our customers. We felt that if this mattress could withstand this level of daily use and abuse it needed to withstand a plus size person, than there was absolutely no reason it couldn’t hold up under the daily use, abuse, and weights of the average female and male sleepers. Learn more about The Extended Life XL Mattress Set.