Anchor Band Mattress Pads For Hardside Waterbeds The Pros And Cons

Anchor Band Mattress Pads For Hardside Waterbeds The Pros and Cons

July 17, 2012
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If you have a wood framed waterbed you have probably wondered what kind of bedding protection is available for it. While comforters and sheets may be the first thing that comes to mind the most important bedding accessory every hard side waterbed should have is a mattress pad or protector. Today we talk about one of the most popular protectors for wood framed waterbeds. We’re talking Anchor Band Mattress Pads For Hardside Waterbeds The Pros and Cons.

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Why you need an Anchor Band Mattress Pad on your waterbed

Flat Anchor Band Mattress Pad Benefits

  • Low Cost- Corner Strap Mattress Pads have the cheapest price you will find anywhere when it comes to mattress pad protection and for a hardside water bed. They usually cost less than $40.00
  • Sleep Cooler- If you find that you sweat with just a fitted sheet over your water mattress a pad may be just what you need to get a little air flowing between your body and the mattress.
  • Protection- While the typical flat pad is not the thickest mattress protection, it is something and offers a level of protective care you will not get with only a fitted sheet over the top of your mattress.
  • Efficiency- While it does add a thin layer of insulation, flat mattress pads will only slightly increase efficiency. The truth is a fitted and flat sheet in addition to the bedspread or comforter will increase your insulation significantly through the additional layers.
  • Enhanced feel- Non quilted mattress pads are not thick however they do put distance between the sleeper and the vinyl making for cheap comfort that will eliminate the vinyl feel that some people dislike.

Flat Anchor Band Mattress Pad Cons

  • Mattress pads with anchor bands are not the best way to keep your mattress pad secured and in place.– Fully fitted mattress pads are the best choice if the mattress pad staying in position is important to you.
  • Corner straps typically are not durable– The straps are usually no more than ½ to 1 inch wide and flip under the water mattress corner.  Water pressure and a small seam where the band connects to the flat part of the pad have a tendency to come apart or tear loose after time.
  • Not very thick. The thicker your mattress pads the better job they should do insulating and protecting your bed.  Cat and dog claws may still be able to damage the vinyl mattress especially if the pad doesn’t stay in place. Additionally thicker quilted mattresses’ pads typically hold in warmth saving you money on utilities and heater wear since the waterbed heater will not have to work as hard and run as often.
  • Poor Comfort- These mattress pads are not thick and do little to enhance the feel of the mattress other options that can increase comfort are Zippered Encasements or Fitted Quilted Mattress Pads.
  • Polyester construction- Polyester is not the most breathable padding material so we tend to find pads made from more breathable raw materials like cotton are a better choice.  Another good choice are lofty quilted pads that allow air to move freely.

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