A Natural Memory Foam Mattress

A Natural Memory Foam Mattress

October 6, 2009
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What is it and Where Can You Find it?

Organic memory foam, all natural memory foam, certified organic memory foam. What is it and why can’t you find these descriptions of memory foam anywhere in the mattress industry?

That is a good question. It seems this is because according to every manufacturer of memory foam mattresses, including the manufacturers utilizing 20-30 percent biobased materials, a memory foam mattress containing more than that will turn into a goo. Here is a question for you. Do we want to start calling a mattress 30 percent biobased, “natural”? These days you can find Earth friendly memory foam or even eco friendly memory foam from manufacturers, but none of them I have talked with are claiming their memory foams to be certified organic memory foam, organic memory foam, or even all natural. Their only claim was more eco friendly and environmentally friendly.

Researching Natural Memory Foam

In my research to find out more about natural memory foam mattresses on the World Wide Web I stumbled across myessentia.com. They have an interesting claim; they sell it. After doing some research on their site, I came to 2 conclusions. 1 is that Essentia is privy to completely cutting edge memory foam technology and knows something the entire rest of the memory foam mattress industry does not know and if so f that is the case, kudos to them.

My opinion however is this; disappointment for a couple reasons. I asked for a sample of the natural memory foam which was never sent. So I guess I’ll never know. So I still don’t know if Essentias’ claim to be the only manufacturer of natural memory foam in the world true is a true one. After all it it was their claim to be a natural memory foam yet their description calls it 100% natural latex, plant extracts, and organic essential oils.

As an experienced mattress professional I have not only sold the leading manufacturer of memory foam Tempur Pedic, but I also slept on one. My feeling is that memory foam neither feels like nor is in any way, shape, or form similar in construction. Then again I’m not an engineer.

Essentia’s Memory Foam Motives

I am curious though of a couple things. I wander if Essentia is trying to capitalize on the popularity of memory foam? Does Essentia believe all natural latex and memory foam are the same thing? Essentia please feel free to explain your position or tell us how your all-natural latex rubber can be called natural memory foam other than the fact there is no industry standard in place of what is what or what something can be called. The numbers I have heard in recent months claim even the most eco friendly bio based memory foam mattresses utilize no more than 30 percent biobased oils in their construction.

Nonetheless this raises some interesting mattress industry questions. So mattress buyers, industry manufacturers, and mattress retailers can or should the industry blur the lines between all natural latex and memory foam? Should we call latex the all-natural memory foam?

Do you think such a claim would only confuse the mattress market place even more?
Should we as an industry capitalize on memory foams extraordinary popularity by calling all natural latex memory foam.?

Sure latex can have a great feel and be nearly 100% pure. Some latex like the Dunlop process was engineered in the 1930’s while new modern updated engineering of latex manufacturing techniques like the Talalay Process have changed the playing field and offer a wider selection of feels. Memory foam unlike latex rubber is still the newest and most unique state of the art mattress technology to come along in recent years.

Perhaps the Industry will decide the issue if these two products are as different as apples and oranges. Debate and discussion may very well put such arguments to rest while answering the important questions when industry leaders put into place some uniform standards to it legitimizing all past, present, and future claims of natural, all natural, organic, and certified organic in the industry. Until then our industry is as wild as the old west.