Proper Mattress And Boxspring Care.

8 Helpful Hints For Proper Mattress And Boxspring Care

May 28, 2008
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Today we are going to discuss 8 helpful hints for proper mattress and boxspring care.

  1. Change your sheets at least once a week.
    Absorbent and breathable sheets not only feel good, but they can minimize perspiration stains on a mattress while allowing your body to breathe properly throughout the night. Absorbent fabrics offer additional protection to the mattress from sweat and all the icky stuff. We recommend cleaning bed sheets a minimum of once a week to reduce mattress smell.
  2. Use a stain resistant mattress pad and clean it at least once a month.
    Today a person can buy a breathable mattress pad that will protect the mattress from stains such as perspiration, body oils, and bodily fluids while meeting the terms of the factory mattress warranties. The use of a good mattress pad can minimize mattress smell.
  3. Vacuum your mattress at least once a month.
    By frequently vacuuming a mattress and boxspring with a vacuum cleaner a great deal of the dust, dirt and allergens can be extracted if done regularly. This can also help keep the mattress from smelling.
  4. Turn your mattress end-to-end 180 degrees.
    Most people wear their body weight from the shoulders to the hips, if you do not spin the mattress from end to end the area where you sleep will work harder than the foot end of the mattress causing uneven wear. Mattress rotation will not stop body impressions, however, it will minimize them. The rotation of your mattress gives the layers of foam and upholstery a chance to recover.
  5. Consider having it professionally cleaned.
    On-site mattress sanitizing or cleaning is available simply Google those terms or looks it up in your local phone book.
  6. If applicable, turn the mattress completely over.
    Most mattresses today cannot be turned over.  If you are lucky enough to still own a two-sided mattress turn it over once a month. This will give the foam and materials a chance to bounce back. For most folks, the old days of flipping a mattress are nearly gone.
  7. If you have a flexible boxspring rotate it 180 degrees.
    Turning a boxspring end to end promotes even wear and can extend the life of your mattress. Note many boxsprings today are not flexible and most people believe simply turning the boxspring from head end to the foot twice a year may attain additional life from a boxspring.
  8. Purchase a new mattress more frequently.
    • Know when to recognize the useful life of the mattress and boxspring has been exhausted. Although the more costly route both, one-sided and two-sided beds in a new fresh state can give your body great support and a healthy sleeping environment. Unfortunately, a mattress does wear out which contributes to loss of support for the back and reduced comfort. Not only that but mattresses do get dirty which contributes to an unhealthy sleep environment.
    • A one-sided mattress will generally last around 6 years while a two-sided mattress tends to last longer in excess of 8 years. Keep in mind a warranty is not an indicator of how long a bed should last. A person needs only to dollar cost average their purchase to realize what a true value a mattress and boxspring really is.
    • Not sleeping in the same mattress for 20 years can do more for your repertory health than you might think, ask your physician.
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Did we miss anything? How do you do to keep your mattress clean and comfy?

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