Convert A Crib Into Full Size Bed

If you are a parent that purchased a bed that will grow with their child throughout the years chances are you purchased a convertible crib. Great news changing it into a regular big boy or big girl bed is easy and its cheap. The most important thing you must determine before assembling this larger bed is to start by reading your crib directions. If you no longer have the instructions you can contact a store that specializes in these types of bed frames. You will need to purchase metal side rails that will convert a crib into a full size bed.

Metal Side Rails That Will Convert A Crib Into A Full Size Bed

Convert A Crib Into A Full Size Bed

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The sides of the crib will need to be removed and the new steel side rails will connect the back of the crib to the front of the crib turning them into a headboard and foot board for your full size bed. This will create distance between the headboard and foot board by spreading them apart to approximately 77 inches while supporting your 54 inch wide full size mattress and boxspring. You should find that you have one of 2 connection types on the lower part of legs of your convertible crib. The ends will use either a hook in or bolt up connection. If it is a Hook in type you will notice a vertical slot and pins in the head and foot where the down hook rails can slide into place. Bolt up side rails will have holes in their mounting plates that line up with predrilled holes located in the legs of the headboard and footboard of your former crib front and back.

Most side rails designed today are slattless and will allow for better weight distribution of your boxspring foundation. There is typically a connecting wire that spans the width between the 2 side rails that keeps them from spreading. Stronger versions will offer a center support bar that includes feet adding strength and years of life to your converted full size bed and frame.


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This is a question actually. I bought my son a convertible crib. He is 5 now and too big for the day bed. I want to make the switch to a full bed but we lost the front side(or foot) of the bed. Can i do without that end? Your help would be greatly appreciated because i bought this bed so he could keep it for most if not all of his childhood. Thank you.

Comment by tesha fritz — April 3, 2013 @ 7:47 pm

We have the same issue. I am just going to drill 2 holes in each leg of the headboard and use bolt-up frame rails that do not have footboard plates.

Comment by Rob E — April 27, 2013 @ 9:09 am

Do you have to use the footboard when converting to a full size bed?

Comment by Leslie — November 2, 2013 @ 3:26 pm

Leslie, No you do not. We carry a frame that will fit the bill if you have a hook in style bed. See our #88 hook in frame for headboard only. Many people just don’t have the space to use a footboard.

Comment by Douglas Belleville — November 4, 2013 @ 6:41 am

Hello, I have an Eastside lifestyle crib, made by Babitalia. 4 years ago when I purchased the crib I couldn’t afford to buy the kit conversion for a full bed. Now my son needs a full size bed, the coverslip kit for this particular Crib has been discontinued . I’ve bought hook in rails from a mattress store but the hooks are not compatible for the head/foot board. Are there different kind of hooks? If so would you have some that fit my crib?

Thank you


Comment by Ruth — August 16, 2014 @ 2:38 am

Hi Ruth, This is true, all down hooks are not the same. On all of our bed frames you will see a template you can print off, trace onto card stock, and test for proper fit on your bed in the hook in slots. If you have any questions or need help please contact us at the toll free number at the top of the page. This should be very helpful in determining fit. Thank you for contacting us. Doug

Comment by Douglas Belleville — August 19, 2014 @ 7:33 am

Hi, I also have an Eastside Lifestyle crib by Babi italia and bought hook in rails as the sales person told me that all hook in rails are standard. I was wondering if Ruth, (or anyone else with our problem) had any luck matching the templates to the crib. I would be eternally grateful if so!


Comment by Gladys — September 21, 2014 @ 6:36 am

I purchased my sons eastside lifestyle crib four years ago and I did jot purchase the conversation kit at the same time, actually we were suppose to orderbit online. Now I am having trouble finding the correct conversation kit. Can you help me find a conversation kitthat will work for our bed? Your time and expertise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Have a blessed day.

Comment by Sharita — January 10, 2015 @ 12:43 pm

Hi Sharita, We would be happy to assist with this. We keep the frame rails in stock that you will most likely need. With that said you did not include what size the bed will be and if it is a bolt up or hook in connection so I cannot refer you to a specific frame. Our toll free number is at the top of this page. Thank you for contacting us. Doug

Comment by Douglas Belleville — January 15, 2015 @ 4:23 pm

I have an older sleigh bed crib that I would love to convert into a bed. It was bought long before they sold the cribs that are designed to convert into beds. Will the conversion kits work on these, as well?

Comment by Pat — February 15, 2015 @ 10:48 am

I am looking for the conversion bed rails for the Babi Italia Mayfair Lifestyle Crib – white or oyster color. The headboard and footboard have a long slot – so I am assuming that means it needs the hook style rails. Do you have these?

Comment by Jenn — March 5, 2015 @ 3:13 pm

We have a Forever bed need instructions on how to convert to full size

Comment by Marsha — March 28, 2015 @ 4:25 pm

Marsha, We do not carry specific instructions for each brand and model of crib. The good news is that most are nearly identical in how they convert. 2 in 1, 3 in 1, and 4 in 1. They will either bolt up or hook in. If the conversion is to make a full size bed, you will be using the from decorative piece ( The headboard) and the back decorative piece (The Footboard). Nothing else is generally used. You purchase the proper size side rails (Twin, Full). Determine if you want a center support bar, Center support bar with feet, or a simple connecting wire. These connect the new soon to be side rails in the middle and at the very least keep them from spreading or can ad much wanted/need center support for “active children”. Hope this lends a hand Doug

Comment by Douglas Belleville — March 31, 2015 @ 4:53 pm

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