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Soap Shape Latex Pillow from Savvy Rest, the leader in organic bedding accessories and mattresses, is a certified organic pillow.Our low profile pillow is perfect for medium to small framed men and women. The anticipation will kill you waiting for bed time to come. Wrapping your arms around this all natural soft dunlop pillow every night is what really good dreams are made of. The specially designed hollow channels throughout this head support system is made to promote maximum air flow and breathability. The design is also perfect for children and stomach sleepers.

Pillow height is approximately height: 5”

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Made by Savvy Rest

While most people have a tendency to focus on the mattress, there are others that say the pillow is the most important key to good sleep and proper support. The fact is the mattress and pillow complement each other and work together.  The Savvy Rest Organic Soap Shape is safe and will breathe off no harmful toxins because it is made from all natural latex rubber. Perhaps you’ve been considering an organic mattress but it isn’t in budget at this time.  This addition to a healthier sleep environment is an inexpensive beginning to a way of life that can be free of potentially harmful toxins. The luxurious pillow casing is made from only the best certified organic cotton and precisely shaped for maximum support using all natural dunlop rubber, the same material found in our best mattresses including our Tranquility, Serenity, and Unity Pillow Top Organic Mattresses.

What kind of pillow should I choose?

Our experience has shown that most of our customers who sleep on their stomachs have a tendency to prefer a smaller pillow like our Savvy Rest Organic Soap Shape Latex Pillow, while a few actually prefer no pillow at all.

Pillow Sizes and Measurements:

Full -Standard Size Soap Shaped Pillow 24 Inches x 16 Inches x 4 Inches Thick

Queen Size Soap Shaped Pillow 27 Inches x 16 Inches x 5 Inches Thick

King Size Soap Shaped Pillow 33 Inches x 16 Inches x 5 Inches Thick

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