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The Eco-Flex Powerbase manufactured by Glideaway can transform your sleeping experience like no other boxspring or bed base with the click of a button. This adjustable remote-controlled powered adjustable bed base is designed to go under all mattresses that are designed to be flexible. Today more and more mattresses meet this criterion. The powered bases can lift up or lower your head only, feet only, or both head and feet simultaneously using the wireless remote. New owners have ditched their wedge pillows and enjoy the smooth elevation of modern day sleep technology. Fine-tune the feel of your mattress by putting it into your favorite position for the things you do in bed i.e. sex, reading, watching television, or for your lounging experience. Finally the forgotten feature, Emergency Lowering in the case of a power outage or if you accidentally misplace your remote.

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Eco- Flex Adjustable Powered Bed Base

What kinds of mattresses can the Eco- Flex Powerbase be used under?

  1. Adjustable friendly Memory Foam & Gel Foam Beds
  2. Adjustable friendly Latex Mattresses
  3. Adjustable friendly Hybrid Mattresses
  4. Adjustable Bed in a Box
  5. Works with most mattresses in the Boxed Bed Category i.e. Casper Mattress, Ghost Bed, Purple Mattress, Leesa, Tuft and Needle
  6. Adjustable Friendly Tempurpedic Mattresses

The Eco-Flex Powerbase is shipped via UPS or Fedex to the destination of your choice. Simple instructions are packaged in the shipping container providing fast clear step by step directions that take just minutes. The package will include your deck with slats already installed, an Allen wrench, connection rods, hex bolts, mattress retainer bar, legs, wireless remote control, power supply box, AC cord, legs, and a center support. We like to say that the hardest part of the whole process will be finding that perfect position after setting up your new base ?Head up, Feet Up…Head down, Feet down!
Raise your head up and Feet up to your desired position. The Wireless Remote options include:1. Head up 2. Head Down 3. Foot Up 4. Foot Down 5. Head and Feet Up at the same time 6. Head and Feet Down at the same time.


The Eco-Flex Powerbase is powered by two Okin German Engineered motors. One motor is responsible for lifting and lowering the head of the base while the second motor is responsible for lifting and lowering the foot. The elegant battleship gray steel provides a strong, supportive base for your mattress. This base includes 5 Steel legs for the necessary support for your set. The legs are recessed which allows for this base to be able to stand alone on its own or for it to stand inside your existing frame. Place your mattress directly on top of the slated deck. The mattress retainer bar keeps your mattress in place and prevents the bed from sliding off the adjustable platform.

The Essentials… At a cost you can you afford!

The Eco-Flex is an economic option providing the essential lifestyle and medical benefits of an adjustable platform without the cost of the extras. Avoid massage, under bed lighting, USB feature costs with the ECO-Flex. Find the perfect position for reading, gaming, or watching your favorite football team play in the comfort of your own home. Trade the recliner for your reclined mattress!
Do you suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, or acid reflux? Ditch your pillow props for an ECO-Flex adjustable base! Customers have mentioned health improvements with head and feet elevation. While it may not be a cure-all, any help falling and staying asleep longer is a step in the right direction. Adjustable beds are noted for helping with pressure points, snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and heartburn.

General Specifications

Weight Capacity

Queen: 500 lbs.

Full: 500 lbs.

Twin/Twin XL: 400 lbs. (2 Twin XL’s= 1 King 800 lbs)

Overall Height of Bed

15” Tall


Head: 60°, Feet: 40°

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