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Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative

Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative


fs_prod1 (1)A Smart Solution To Your Current Bed Frame Problem

They are different. They are stylish.They strong.

Use them to replace your existing steel bed frame.

Sit them inside you current headboard and foot board with wood or metal side rails.

Free stand the mattress set with NO head or footboard

Use with a headboard only. NOTE: Headboard Mounting brackets required and are optional.

Bed stands come in 4 heights allowing you to have your bed sitting at the height you desire.


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Waterbed Hardware Pack


Our waterbed hardware pack is everything you need to assemble your hardside waterbed frame. Free Shipping on this product The complete hardware package includes all the metal brackets and self tapping wood screws needed to assemble your hard side waterbed. See our tips below.

* 4 Larger Corner Brackets

* 4 Smaller L Brackets

* Plenty of long 1¼” screws

* Plenty of ½” screws

Cozy Temp Hardside Waterbed Heater


Includes FREE waterbed conditioner and FREE shipping!

You will love the adjustable cozy temperature controlled comfort this will add to your bed.  The energy efficient solid state thermostat and warming pad is specifically engineered to regulate the desired temperature of your hard side water bed. Average life expectancy for an H2o heater is 7-8 years. How hold is yours? Are you moving? Are you draining your waterbed? Is your old waterbed heater not properly maintaining proper temperature or perhaps stopped working and quit. A new heating system is the safe solution and if the bed is already drained why not plan ahead and make life easy on yourself.  NOTE this heater should never bed used in a bed with a fill level of less than 8 inches. See installation instructions for complete details.

Fits the Following Wood Framed (Hardside) Waterbeds: Super Single, Queen, and California King

Metal Faucet Adapter


Danco Metal Faucet Adapter to Garden Hose

Everything you need without need for a handy man or handyman skills. If you have ever had a need for your garden hose to be a water source inside your home and wish it could connect one of your indoor sink faucets, you’re in luck. The sturdy solid connection can be used for all kinds of needs including waterbed drain and fill super pump kits and aquarium filling and Gravel Vac® Kits. It replaces cheap plastic faucet adapters that cross thread and strip, come loose, or break. Use it attach a garden hose to your kitchen , bathroom or utility sink inside your home. Simply remove the aerator on your faucet and attach the Danco Metal Garden Hose Faucet Adapter. Fit most faucets and takes just a couple minutes to attach.

Free Flow Mattress


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The Sanctuary SGL Flow Free Flow water mattress offers the feel that revolutionized the mattress industry. This flowing mattress is distributed by Innomax out of Denver Colorado. It has a unique design that allows the water to move freely and unrestrained by baffles or fiber for a more natural fluid feel. It is offered in 3 sizes to fit the hard side wooden side frame waterbeds.

Need more wave control and support?

Shop our entire selection of motionless waterbed mattresses now or learn more about this free flow mattress by scrolling down.

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Stand Up Waterbed Safety Liner


The Stand Up Safety Liner for a Hardside Waterbed is “The” must have item for your wood framed bed. If your bed was to get punctured or worse develop a leak in the corners or seams it will help to catch leakage Free Shipping on this product before it reaches the floor or damages your carpet or furniture. Not sure if yours is good or bad? Read our tips and details below for specifics that can save you from aggravation or worse.


Bed Sizes available -Thickness – Measurements

  • California King 6 Mil Thick 72 x 84
  • California Queen 6 Mil Thick 60 x 84
  • Super Single 6 Mil Thick 48 x 84

Water Bed Box Pedestal | Riser


The Innomax Water Bed Pedestal goes by several names: Pedestal riser, shadow box, waterbed pine pedestal rise. The most important thing to know is that it can be sold separately without buying the rest of a waterbed or comes as the basic standard box pedestal when you purchase any complete hardside waterbed (when bought new). The standard pedestal is the most economical bed riser that is available for a hardside waterbed.

ProTec Delight™ True Protection Mattress Protector


Thin, Durable, and Defends Your Mattress!fs_prod1 (1)

Looking for mattress protection that isn’t hot and won’t interfere with the way your mattress feels? The ProTec Delight™ True Protection Mattress Pad checks off all of these boxes and many many more. The bathing cap skirting design keeps it on your bed even if it is 18 inches thick. Memory foam, latex, mattresses and box springs, no matter the kind of bed it will fit and is guaranteed protection that will steadfastly defend one your most expensive purchases, a mattress. Learn about all the benefits and features below.

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Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Mattress Pad

Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Custom Fit Mattress Pad


It Fits On Your Old Time Waterbed!fs_prod1 (1)

If you have a wooden framed hard sided waterbed and need some traditional protection along with added comfort for your bed, look no further than the Quilted Comfort Waterbed Anchor Band Custom Fit Mattress Pad from Innomax. It is not overly thick, so it won’t interfere with comfort. It is is still thick enough to increase and promote better air flow between the body and the vinyl water mattress while offering important mattress protection. The 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton quilted surface adds a wonderful breathable feel to your wood sided waterbed surface. The best part is that it fits properly and correctly using anchor bands to help it stay in place all three waterbed sizes: Super Single, Queen, or California King

Click here to view our complete mattress pad selection.

Super Heavy Duty Stand-Up Safety Liner 12 Mil


Our best quality safety liner that is self standing. Super thick 12 mil design isolates and offers more protection from waterbed hardware and plywood.  It collects the initial contents of a leaking hardside waterbed mattress better than standard 6 mil thick liners. Designed to stand up and fit within the inside of your wooden framed waterbed.  Adds an additional protective barrier to minimize wear on your water bladder caused by wood chaffing, metal screw heads, and L bracket hardware. Works with all three sizes including Super Single, California Queen, and California King.

Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed

From: $1,252.00

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The Harmony Euro Top Softside Waterbed from Innomax Manufacturing is a sleepers dream not just because of how great it feels, but also because of its low low price. This pillow top bed includes a premium quality cover that can be completely removed for easy service and care. When zipped shut it comes standard with a free flowing mattress (the original waterbed feel). Do you prefer the bed to move less? You may want to consider adding more wave control with a baffled waveless mattress for just a little bit of added cost. This sleep system includes a temperature control system for healthier sleep and the ultimate in total and complete relaxation. This conventional looking bed adapts to nearly any bed or head board, headboard only and works with your existing sheets, comforter and mattress pad. Note: Your current bed frame may need to be upgraded for added strength if it was not built to hold a waterbed. Individual parts can be replaced or upgraded with Innomax’s Eco friendly mattress design prolonging overall waterbed life possible 2-3 times the length of other beds.

Here is how it works:

  • Determine if you need to purchase a foundation.
  • Transform mattress feel and overall body support. We offer 4 premium mattress bladders to select from as an option.

Customize your Harmony Softside Waterbed below by choosing the options that best fit your needs. Below you can learn more and read all about the detailed features and benefits of this bed.

Not the soft side waterbed you are looking for? Click Here to View Our Complete Softside Waterbed Line Up.

Waterbed Pump & Maintenance Kit


If you build houses or work on cars for a living, you need the proper tools to get the job done right and to do it fast. It’s not different with your flotation waterbed. Perhaps the most under rated part of owning a softside or hardside waterbed is the care and draining of the bed. The Drain Hero comes to the rescue with all the parts needed to fill up, drain down, and properly care and maintain for your waterbed.

Luxury Support LS 2300

Luxury Support Reduced Motion Hardside Waterbed Mattress


Whether you’re buying a new mattress for your old bed or adding one to new complete hardside waterbeds this model is definitely not your dad’s old free flow water mattress. Unfortunately, some people confuse it with one only because they see a little motion when they push on it. Take a closer look and compare it side by side to other semi-waveless and even some waveless mattresses and your new sleep system won’t move as much will offer significantly more total and mid-body support. The Luxury Support 2300’s wave movement stops in just under 8 seconds which is significantly faster than its free flowing counterpart. Any one that has ever slept on a free flow can tell you this feels great and feels like it is several steps above cheap knock offs. Unmatched comfort, support, and feel at a price that is very affordable. Make this sleep system your nightly sanctuary and you will see and feel the difference. This is no old school wavy bag of water free flowing sea sick mattress, but not so controlled that you forget you own a waterbed.

Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress


The Genesis 900 DXF is our very best flotation support system. The wave motion rating for this top of the line  mattress is measured to be 0 seconds of movement. This means is stops moving instantly and offers the most support of any water mattress in our line up.  We consider this mattress to be our firmest especially when compared to any other waterbed mattress. The Genesis 900 DXF is considered a 100% Ultra waveless mattress with extra support where we need it most… Our Middle Body!
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