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In today’s world, corporations with “Big Brand Names” have aligned their priorities with their responsibility to their stockholders. The expectation of Shareholders regarding the bottom line have taken priority over constructing beds that are high-quality, long-lasting, and comfortable. Mattresses and foundations brought to market faster, cheaper, and with an appearance of high fashion have taken precedence over beds that are hand-constructed, long-lasting, and offer comfortable support.

STL Beds is bringing back old-school, quality-constructed, made-in-America mattresses that can be flipped over and rotated to withstand years of usage.

Some models like our HD Heavy Duty Series are durable enough that, with regular care and maintenance, can be comfortable and supportive for up to 10, 15, and yes, perhaps 20 years.

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medicoil hd 3000 or 3500 cornermedicoil

Medicoil HD 3500 Mattress

From: $1,713.00

fs_prod1 (1)The Durable Mattress

Have you had problems with excessive mattress wear and suspect that personal body weight may be a contributing issue of premature mattress sagging and body impressions?

The Medicoil HD 3500 Mattress from Therapedic™ takes advantage of some of the highest quality building materials put into a bed these days. Due to it’s superior strength, this bed is much more resistant to body depressions and is longer lasting. Therapedic™ can claim such durability because they do not skimp where it’s most important – the raw building materials.

More steel and enhanced Talalay Latex rubber makes for a bed that keeps bouncing back night after night.

As you will learn below, they use more resilient foams with higher density and infusion of less air which contributes to a longer mattress life overall.

The feel of this mattress is extra firm with just enough cushion to comfort your body throughout the night. While no mattress is impervious to sagging, this one fights back against premature wear instead of just “giving in” like the other branded mattresses.

The Backbone of every Medicoil Mattress the OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Click Below to Add.
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medicoil hd 1000 or 1500 cornermedicoil

Medicoil HD1500 Two Sided Mattress

From: $1,289.00

Nothing Lasts Longer!

fs_prod1 (1)

The Medicoil HD 1500 two-sided Mattress from Therapedic® is not a one-size-fits-all bed.

If you are plus-sized, you probably already know that the industry just doesn’t seem to build mattresses that can handle the extra weight that is exerted on a mattress day in and day out over months or years.

The question is – Does anyone make a super heavy duty mattress that can hold me?

Yes, The Bedding Group, Licensee for Therapedic®, does!!

They have designed a bed for ALL buyers that incorporates a higher level of comfort, more support and stability, and overall unmatched durability. This product was built in direct response to all of those customers crying out that their beds don’t hold up under the bigger heavier sleeper. Contact us and learn what makes this bed so different, or see more details below.

OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Reminder to select the heavy duty Therability™ HD Foundation to support your new mattress.
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Medicoil HD2500 Two Sided Mattress

From: $1,478.00

fs_prod1 (1)

Plus Size – Petite & Everyone In Between

The Medicoil® HD2500 is plump and full of everything to ensure long-term comfort and support. The feel is firm from its core to its mid-level support with just a touch of cushiness on the surface that doesn’t make the bed feel mushy and soft.

Bedding experts in the business praise the builders for filling an industry void by finally acknowledging customers who demand and need better mattress quality to support their extra body weight.

Bigger people have criticized the bedding industry for years for not building mattresses that can hold up under their bigger frame. Not only will this support 200 -250 lbs., but it can also support those who weigh up to 350 pounds. 

During a time when the industry trend has been to cut costs, Therapedic® and The Bedding Group decided to build beds with a different philosophy. Engineers insisted that using superior higher density foam, high resiliency foam, and Gel-Memory Foam for pressure relief makes a better built bed.

Add in some of the strongest steel coils made and quality insulating layers, and it becomes easy to see that this mattress is not only built different, but is actually light years ahead of the typical modern day mattress. These are useful features that offer genuine benefits like lasting comfort, increased support, and unmatched durability for people of all sizes.

The Medicoil® Mattress Series will win the toughness battle hands-down.  if you are looking for something different from the norm, you just found it. Compare it to our competitors’ beds.  You won’t believe the difference!

The best foundation money can buy is the OPTIONAL: Therability Heavy Duty Foundation. Be sure to add it.

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