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Why a coil spring mattress? They are perhaps the oldest kind of mattress made today and it has proven itself to be effective and reliable mattress ahead of all other kinds of mattresses by standing the test of time. Your new found comfort and support is only available in brand name sleep systems like these that have set the bar within an extremely competitive mattress industry; Therapedic®, Innergy® 2-sided mattresses, Restonic®, MediCoil HD™ Heavy Duty Mattresses, Corsicana Bedding, Savvy Rest and Sterling Sleep. Systems. Click and see photos below for details and pricing.

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monterrey gentle firm cornermonterrey gentle firm front

Monterrey Gentle Firm Mattress

From: $885.00

Searching the web for mattresses you can flip over?

fs_prod1 (1)

Look no further the Monterrey Gentle Firm Mattress from Therapedic. As you are probably already aware of 2 sides are better than one. You will be excited to learn that more even surface wear with less body indentations is possible with a well designed 2 sided mattress. The feel of this bed utilizes an extra firm inner coil spring support with added cushioning for just enough comfort. This is done using higher density foam and today’s modern quilting for a retro firm feel and a hint of extra cushioning for comfort.  This is old school hard with new school cushioning. Best of all you can turn it , flip it, and rotate it for longer life and better more even wear. Learn about the details and construction below.

Foundation Optional: Choose our Innergy 2 Foundation below.
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monterrey pillowtopmonterrey pillow top

Monterrey PillowTop Two Sided Mattress

From: $1,002.00

Two Sides Make A Better Mattress

fs_prod1 (1)Discover the Therapedic two sided mattress you can flip. The Advantage of the Monterrey PillowTop Mattress built by The Bedding Group. It features a 2 sided flippable design for more even longer lasting wear, something most of one side competitors cannot claim . Turn it, flip it, turn it over, spin it around. This is the way mattresses have been built for over 100 years and are supposed to be made.  Avoid penny pinching manufactures that don’t give you that choice and line their pockets with their profits they save by not have to upholster the bottom side. The Monterrey Pillow Top is a great mattress and available in all the great sizes like Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin Extra Long. Not only does this mattress offer superior quality but also long lasting premium mattress support. Learn about the specifics below

Foundation Optional be sure to add it if needed.

Monterrey Plush Double Sided Mattress

From: $885.00

Flipping Mattresses is Back!

It seems what’s old is what’s new again and here’s a great example, double sided mattresses you can flip over are back.fs_prod1 (1)

Therapedic’s Monterrey Plush Mattress is 2 sided so your mattress will last you longer. By flipping the mattress over and spinning it end to end on a regular basis you can promote better mattress wear. The result is fewer body impressions. Firm sturdy coils offer you unmatched core support while luxury comfort layers cradle you with comfort through out the night. A Best Seller!

Don’t for forget to choose the Innergy 2 Foundation below to complete your set.
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prairie dunes firm corner

Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress

From: $685.00

Two Sides are Better Than One

fs_prod1 (1)Many have said that one sided mattresses are an industry conspiracy. Whether it is or isn’t up for debate, the fact is many mattress companies no longer offer 2 sided mattresses as an option for you to buy. The smart people at The Bedding Group/ Therapedic® believe you should have a choice and that there is a place for them. The Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress is one of several double sided beds that they offer to choose from. If you are one of those people who still loves the old mattresses that you can flip over making it possible to utilize both sides, then the Prairie Dunes Firm is a excellent choice. NOTE: The overall feel of this mattress is firm due to a heavy duty inner coil spring design, insulators, and high density foam.That’s right the feel of this mattress is old school firm on both of the sleeping surfaces on both sides of this mattress.

Foundation Optional:
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prairie dunes plush corner

Prairie Dunes Plush Mattress

From: $685.00

fs_prod1 (1)Prairie Dunes Plush

Looking for a mattress than can be flipped over? If so you are sure to love your new Innergy 2 Prairie Dunes Plush Mattress By Therapedic®. It is double sided so that you can turn it over to use the bottom side which is quilted identically to the top side. A Flippable mattress is a fantastic feature that all quality mattresses once had and is so rare and and much much harder to find in stores today. The Bedding Group builders of this fine bed believes that customers should at the very least have the choice to buy one or two sides and so do we. The Prairie Dunes Plush costs less than most of its one sided competitors making it an even better value. Your new mattress will have a super strong inner core coil springs that give great support while at the same time still being able to offer you medium firmness. This feel it isn’t too hard and isn’t too soft and will cradle you throughout the night.  This set is extremely popular making it a great seller.

Foundation Optional:
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shoreline corner

Shoreline Two Sided Mattress

From: $593.00

Add More Life To Your Mattress!

Make sure it is made with two sides so you have the option to flip it over and have more control over how it wears over fs_prod1 (1)its lifetime. Today’s thicker no-flip mattresses are fluffy and thick, break down faster, and cost too much.

Consider an old school mattress that isn’t to thick and is good and firm just the way your back likes it. The Shoreline 2-Sided Mattress by Therapedic® offers you all this and more. This bed set is their least expensive double-sided mattress solution. While other bedding companies are still trying to improve their one-sided designs, Therapedic® just keeps on making that same great bed you remember and used for years using today’s more comfortable cushioning layers.

Need the matching supports system? The optional base foundation can be found below along with more detailed information and specifications.

Did we mention the benefits?

  • It’s double-sided
  • Flipping it over is an option
  • You can spin it around head to toe and turn it over

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