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  1. I am looking for a heavy duty flipable mattress for a 350 pound mostly bed ridden person that will not sink in from constant pressure. I am looking at the Medicoil and would like input on whether that is the best choice or if you offer something better.

  2. Yvonne, We do offer mattresses that can be flipped that can support 350 lbs. As for solving the problem of a mattress that will NOT sink, I am afraid to say that every mattress will eventually sink. The question is at what rate, or how fast it will start to sink? There are many factors that will determines this: Weight, sleep habits, how often is it getting used, do they use it like a chair to watch tv. etc.? The fact is a bed ridden, plus sized person is going to be working the sleep system pretty hard, nearly 24/7 and to answer your question, our Medicoil HD Series is our best. This would be my suggestion. Also, placing a sacrificial mattress topper on the surface of the mattress might be a great choice to extend the mattress life. This is because the topper which is softer can help comfort them and ease pressure. The best part is when it compresses simply replace it instead of the expensive mattress. Hope this gives you some insight. Please feel free to call me our one of the members of the STL Beds Team. Doug

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